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Mental Health Medications

1 Mental Health Medications •* •* •* •* •* •* •* •* •* •* •* •* •* Mental Health Medications M edications are used to treat the symptoms of mental disorders such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorder (sometimes called manic-depressive illness), anxiety ...


Section 3, Component 4: Medications 213 August 28, 2007 SECTION 3, COMPONENT 4: MEDICATIONS KEY POINTS: MEDICATIONS Medications for asthma are categorized into two general classes: long-term control medications used to achieve and maintain control of persistent asthma and quick-relief ...

Blood Donor Medication Deferral List - MC1402-50

•* Plavix and Ticlid are medications that can decrease the chance of a heart attack or stroke in individuals at risk for these conditions.

A Guide to Antidepressant Drugs

Popular Depression Medications - A Helpful Guide to Antidepressant Drugs Page 2 Notice To Readers This Guide is intended to provide helpful information.

Parkinson's Disease: Medications

Parkinson's Disease: Medications About the Authors Jean Pintar Hubble, M.D., principle author, is a native Kansan who was awarded her medical degree at the University of Kansas Medical Center in 1983.

Medications. The nurse's role in prescribing, dispensing ...

Medications. The nurse's role in prescribing, dispensing, compounding and administering medications in British Columbia

Medications and Alcohol Craving

Vol. 23, No. 3, 1999 207 Medications and Alcohol Craving Robert M. Swift, M.D., Ph.D. The use of medications as an adjunct to alcoholism treatment is based on the premise that craving and other manifestations of alcoholism are mediated by neurobiological mechanisms.


©2005 American Academy of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery 1 "Listen to your voice! It may be telling you something!" www.entnet.org/news/VoiceDay.cfm 2005 A variety of medications can have a negative effect on the voice.

OASIS-C Online Training: Medications

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R430-100-17. MEDICATIONS.

R430-100-17. MEDICATIONS. (1) If medications are given, they shall be administered to children only by a provider trained in the administration of medications.