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Trade Name: Casting Flux Manufacturer: MEMCO, Inc. 4849 Olson ...

5.2 Special Conditions . Use only as directed . 6.0 Spill Procedure . 6.1 Clean-up . Mop with sufficient water . 6.2 Disposal . Dispose of in sanitary sewer

Unitized Air & Fluid Fittings , Manifolds , & Ori*ces

Silver solder joints are typical on all fabricated Memco fittings. We do not use soft solder joints on any of our products. The solder we use complies with FDA, NSF, and medical grades Class VT lead-free cadmium-free solder.


MEMCO Design Hookstick Switches Morpac Industries, Inc. • 2725 East Ginter Road • Tucson, Arizona 85706 • 520-294-3452 • FAX 520-294-3332 2 GENERAL DESIGN FEATURES Type STV & STU The STVor STUtype of outdoor disconnect is available in voltage ratings from 8.25 to 169 kV and in continuous ...

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Terms and Conditions for Memcosafety.com AGREEMENT: By entering an order or requesting a quote via the internet, you agree that the following terms & conditions of sale: Product Information Memco, Inc. strives to give you accurate content, including product information, policies, and pricing.

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Microwave Engineering & Manufacturing Corporation Hyatt Park 1 10087 Tyler Place, Unit #7 Ijamsville, MD 21754 Phone: (301) 831-8359 Fax: (301) 874-6334 Toll Free: (888) 831-7609 E-Mail: memco@att.net

Memco First Aid Catalog

A Woman Business Enterprise (WBE) Certified Supplier . FIRST AID 866.749.8930 • memcosafety.com


MEMCO has used bottom pour ceramic crucibles in our machines for over 25 years. The unique MEMCO ceramic crucible offers many advantages over common casting crucibles, all of

MEMBership COnsultants - MC Providing the support your ...

Modern associations The role of associations has changed massively in recent years. Gone is the old club concept. Members now demand added value from their

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ISSUE PRODUCT INFORMATION SHEET EMERGENCY ALARM DEVICE • Easy Programming - using keypad and microphone, phone, GSM or PC. • Allows full compliance with EN81-28 and EN81-70.

Memco Elite3D

ISSUE PRODUCT INFORMATION SHEET INFRA RED SAFETY CURTAIN FOR LIFTS Light curtain of 154 criss-cross beams 3D proximity detection into the landing Protection from 25mm to 1800mm above floor Designed for new and existing installations Low power consumption Robust 9.8mm wide profile 3m range ...