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Methyl Isocyanate (C

Methyl Isocyanate ATSDR • General Information 1 Methyl Isocyanate (C 2 H 3 NO) CAS 624-83-9; UN 2480 Synonyms include isocyanomethane, isocyanatomethane, methylcarbylamine, and MIC.


... Notify local health and fire officials and pollution control agencies l If material or contaminated runoff enters waterways, notify downstream users of potentially contaminated water METHYL ISOCYANATE UN 2480 Shipping Name: Methyl isocyanate Other Names: Isocyanic acid, methyl ester Methylcarbylamine MIC CAS ...

344 Hazards

Methylcarbylamine MIC CAS: 624-83-9 WARNING! lPOISON! BREATHING THE GAS CAN KILL YOU! SKIN AND EYE CONTACT CAUSES SEVERE BURNS AND BLINDNESS! lFire fighting gear (including SCBA) provides NO protection.