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Application Note 1555 Forrest Way Tel: 775-882-2400 Carson City, NV 89706 Tel: 800-654-5659 info@micromanipulator.comFax: 775-882-7694 www.micromanipulator.com Made in the USA I NTERFACING M ICROMANIPULATOR P ROBER TO HP4284A LCR M ETER Abstract This Application Note discusses recommended ...

RF/Microwave Probing - Passive Probes

Micromanipulator therefore recommends and offers the following low loss, phase stable, semi-rigid coaxial cables equipped with the appropriate connectors: A1012911 Page 4 The Micromanipulator Co., Inc.

Burleigh PCS-5000

Each Micromanipulator Assembly also includes a Model PCS-500-MB Magnetic Base for mounting to a ferromagnetic surface. Each linear stage of the PCS-520 Micromanipulator Assembly utilizes cross roller bearings that form a stiff and precise single axis bearing system with high load capacity and ...

MP-285 Micromanipulator System Operation Manual ROE Basic ...

OPERATION MANUAL Rev. 3.07 ( 20080204) MPMPMP-MP ---285285285 285 Micromanipulator SystemMicromanipulator System Micromanipulator SystemMicromanipulator System

MP-225 Motorized Micromanipulator System Operation Manual ...

MP-225 MOTORIZED MICROMANIPULATOR OPERATION MANUAL – REV. 1.60 ( 20100119) iii DISLAIMERDISLAIMER DISLAIMERDISLAIMER • The MPMPMPMP----225225225 Micromanipulator is designed for the specific u225 se of moving micropipettes in

ICSI using piezo-micromanipulator Figure 1.

Human Reproduction vol.14 no.2 pp.448–453, 1998 The usefulness of a piezo-micromanipulator in intracytoplasmic sperm injection in humans K.Yanagida

AcuSpot 712 Micromanipulator

AcuSpot 712 Micromanipulator The precision and power of the SurgiTouch flashscanner and AcuSpot micromanipulator allow the laser surgeon to create the small holes with a single pulse.

Single-spore isolation using a hand-made glass needle

Fungal Diversity 2 (March 1999) Single-spore isolation using a hand-made glass needle Teik-Khiang Goh Fungal Diversity Research Project, Department of Ecology and Biodiversity, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong; email: tkgoh@hkucc.hku. hk Goh, T.K. (J 999).

Motorized Micromanipulators

204 M I CR O M AN I P U L A T O RS Micromanipulators Motorized Micromanipulators PiezoPatch TM: Piezo-motorized Micromanipulator suitable for patch clamp and IVF .. 205

Olympus IX70 Microscope—

Olympus IX70 Microscope— Revised 7/05 Mercury Lamp (Hg) Power supply on top shelf—turn on Shutter in back of scope, just in front of lamp Has 3 positions, closed, open, open + ND (neutral density filter) Filter Wheel White for laser excitation and confocal imaging Green for green ...