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The Microscope

Page1 of9 ver. 1.6 The Microscope Microscopes were invented during the latter part of the 1600's and by the end of the 1700's had undergone dramatic improvements in their construction and the quality of the images they produced.

The Microscope

1 The Microscope Objectives 1. To identify the parts of the microscope and list the function of each. 2. To describe and demonstrate the proper techniques for care of the microscope.

The Microscope

LESSON 109 LESSON OBJECTIVES After studying this lesson, the student will: ■ Locate and name the parts of a light microscope. ■ Explain the function of each part of the light microscope. ■ Explain the use of coarse and fine adjustments. ■ Use the low-power objective to view a specimen ...

The Microscope

The Microscope PRE-LAB DISCUSSION: "Micro" refers to tiny, "scope" refers to view or look at. Microscopes are tools used to enlarge small objects so as they can be studied.

Parts of the Light Microscope

Parts of the Light Microscope T. Trimpe 2003 http://sciencespot.net/ A. EYEPIECE Contains the OCULAR lens J. COARSE ADJUSTMENT KNOB Moves the stage up and down for FOCUSING I. FINE ADJUSTMENT KNOB Moves the stage slightly to SHARPEN the image G. BASE Supports the MICROSCOPE D. STAGE CLIPS HOLD ...

55 EXERCISE 5 Microscopes: Care & Usage

Microscope objective showing magnification, numerical aperture, and correction for cover slip thickness. When you can see a sharp, well-defined image through a microscope, ...


Note - Please see generalized instructions on how to use a microscope at the end of this document.

The Microscope

The Microscope 2 The Microscope The history of the invention of the microscope will probably never be completely settled. The use of lenses for spectacles is reported as far back as the 1200's in Florence, Italy.

5 Using a Compound Light Microscope, SE

Laboratory Skills 5 Using a Compound Light Microscope Introduction Many objects are too small to be seen by the eye alone. They can be seen, however, with the use of an instrument that magnifies, or visually enlarges, the object.


Microscope Objectives, Eyepieces, Condensers, and Optical Aberrations Finite microscope objectives are designed to project a diffraction-limited image at a fixed plane ...