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12.01 am Rajbhog (Nine Varieties Of Naivedyam) Harati, Mantrapushpam . Dolotsavam, Prasadam AUGUST 28, 2011 . SUNDAY Krishnashtami Celebrations 4.00 pm Bhagavadgeeta Parayanam

How to Worship Mother Saraswati in the Sri Chakra

You may also offer food, or naivedyam, like rice pudding made with milk and sugar, milk khova, or plain milk. Then, chant Samputita Sri Suktam while offering milk or panchamruta to the Sri Chakra.


... Audit of offices and Budget. 12 L-SECTION Superintendent Land matters pertaining to Zone-I & II 13 M-SECTION Superintendent Land matters pertaining to Zone-V&VI 14 N-SECTION Superintendent Land matters pertaining to Zone-III &IV 15 P-SECTION Superintendent Common Good Fund & Dhoopa Deepa Naivedyam. 16 Q ...

3 Kalasa pooja

Slokam : Sugandhaan sukruthaamschaiva modakaan ghruthapaachithaan| naivedyam gruhyathaam deva chanamudgaiha prakalpithaan|| Slokam : Bhakshyam bhojyam cha lehyam cha choshyam paaneeya mevacha| idam gruhaana naivedhyam mayaa dattham vinaayaka| sree varasiddhi vinaayakaaya namaha mahaa naivedyam ...

Special Puja Guidelines for Navaratri 2006 Sep 23 - Oct 2

Make sure not to smell the incense before offering it. • Offer two bananas as naivedyam (food offering). • Finally, perform harati with five ghee wicks.

List of Pooja Materials

Naivedyam Any Sweet Devotees Choice 16. Coins ( quarters ) 25 Navadhanya (9 grains) 1/4 Lb English Kannada Telugu Tamil Wheat Godi Godumulu Goduma Rice Akki Beeyamu Arisi Thoor Dal Thogari Bele Kandi Pappu thuvarai Moong Dal Hesaru Bele Pesaru Pappu Pasi Paruppu Chana Dal Kaddale Senagalu Kondai Kadalai Rajma (White ...

What to do What to say

What to do What to say With flower and rice in hand offer the food OM pranaya swaha OM apanaya swaha OM vyanaya swaha OM udanaya swaha OM samanaya swaha OM brahamanay swaha Offer water madhyae madhyae paneeyam samarpayami (offer water) Offer water after eating naivedyam anantaram achamaneyam samarpayami (offer ...


(13) Naivedyam : Naivedyam is the Rasa (taste) aspect of the senses. We offer all kinds and varieties of delicious food items, which include sweets, fruits, etc. , to God, with all love, as if Ma Yashoda is feeding Krishna, or Mata Sabari is offering fruits, although tasted first, to Lord Rama.

Shashti Poorthi (60th Birthday) Puja Item List

... 5 lbs. Betel leaves & nuts 4 leaves plus 2 nuts Milk 1 carton Honey 1 small bottle 1 lb. Coins 40 Fire log or fire starter 1 Sugar 1 lb. Sugar candy 1 packet 1 lb. Flower garlands 2 Shashti Poorthi (60th Birthday) Puja Item List Kumkum Ghee Towel or Fabric for Kalasam 1 towels or 2 yds. Fabric Naivedyam * New dhoti, sari ...


small honey 1 small bottle raisins, cashew, dates, almonds, sugur candy 1 pack each oil lamps with wick & oil (deepam) 2 paper towel 1 roll maha naivedyam (prasadam) rava kesari / any sweet