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Sri Siva Vishnu Temple

Devotees may bring fruits, flowers and a prepared Naivedyam if they so desire. Details on Page 2. Diwali Mela Saturday, November 5, 2005, 12 Noon to 10:00 pm Association of United Hindu and Jain Temples of Washington Metro Area invites you to celebrate Diwali Mela with family and friends on Saturday , ...

How To Make A Bhoga Offering

Offering the Bhoga • With a hand gesture offer the bhoga to each Deity, showing the plate(s) and chanting: idaà naivedyam and the müla-mantra for each Deity; idaà pänéyam and the müla-mantra for each Deity.

Satsang with Swami Viditatmananda Saraswati

And we don't offer anything and everything in the naivedyam . Medhyam also means pure, sacred. We should maintain that sanctity in what we eat.

Mantra mathruka pushpa mala sthavam

10 Hreengraeswai, Thaptha Hataka Krutha Sthali Sahasrair Brutham, Divyannam Grutha Soopa Shaka Bharitham , Chithranna Bhedam Thadha, Dugdhannam Madhu Sarkara Dadhi Yutham , Manikya Paathre Sthiham, Mashapoopa Sahasram Amba, Saphalam Naivedyam Avedhaye.

Hanumath Sapthaham

Hanumath Sapthaham Page3 4.Palavelli toranalu pala perugu naivedyam chala Ishtamayya neeku kali Nahuda! 5.Tuchamaina budhi tudichi swachamaina budhinichi Machchaleni teerpuniche Sachidananduda!!

Significance of Sri Venkateshwara Swamy Thiru Kalyanam

Naivedyam, Harati, Kumbha Harathi and Aseervatham. The celestial wedding concludes with the chanting of GOVINDA NAMAAS in chorus by the devotees followed by the distribution


Sri Varaha Swamy happily accepts the request and grants him 100 feet on the sacred hill and request Srinivasa that in return for this he should get first darsan and first naivedyam .

Chairman's Report

The events included : Sri Krishna Abhishekam; Fruit Alankaram; Sri Krishna Janana Ghatta Parayanam (Sri Krishna's Birth Story); Raj Bhog (nine varieties of Naivedyam); Bhagavad-Gita parayanam; Dolotsavam (Unjal / Cradle Seva); Butter pot breaking ceremony; and Rukmini kalyanam.The midnight pujas on the ...

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu

How are these pots used for cooking Vishnu Naivedyam unholy? If you feel them to be unholy, with my touch, they have become holy. Idea of holiness or unholiness is a delusion of the mind but not of the pure soul "Sachi Devi was surprised at these words.

Ganesha homa puja

≤Ê∆‰Ø¯ºÎ--Naivedyam--Offering Food-´æ~ ´∆™@‰≤ (chant in morning), à™Ä ´∆Ÿ -´æ~‰≤ (chant if evening) ¥⁄¿⁄ŒZŸŸ⁄º | F Ǻ‡™º—™‹ Ǻ‡™Ë¥—™¿®º⁄- —∆Ÿ"Ÿ |, FÄ í®‰ÀŸæ —∆Ÿ"ŸiI | FÄ í®‰ÀŸæ —∆Ÿ"ŸiI | ...