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Examination Candidate Bulletin The NCLEX candidate bulletin ...

2012 NCLEX ® Examination Candidate Bulletin The NCLEX ® candidate bulletin contains information for all registrations and scheduling of NCLEX appointments beginning January 1, 2012.

The NCLEX® Flex: Pump Up To Pass!

http://www.modrnnurse.com/career-guide-2007/nclex-flex-01.aspx The NCLEX® Flex: Pump Up To Pass! by Linda Turchin, RN, MSN Psst! What have you heard about the NCLEX®?

NCLEX-PN Examination

1 1 2005 NCLEX-PN ® Test Plan NCLEX-PN ® Test Plan Test Plan for the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical/Vocational Nurses (NCLEX-PN ® Examination) Introduction Entry into the practice of nursing in the United States and its territories is regulated by the licensing ...


6/21/2006 NCLEX ® QUICK RESULTS SERVICE Candidates in the following jurisdictions may access 'Unofficial' results via the NCLEX ® Candidate Web site or through the NCLEX ® Quick Results Line.


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS FOR APPLICANTS THAT FAILED NCLEX® Pamela K. Randolph RN, MS, CPNP . April 2003 . 1. What should I do to pass NCLEX the next time?

NCLEX-PN Test Study Guide

Strategy 2: Finding your Optimal Pace Everyone reads and tests at a different rate. It will take practice to determine what is the optimal rate at which you can read fast and yet absorb and comprehend the information.

NCLEX Practice Questions 1-10

NCLEX Practice Questions 1-10 1. A nurse is reviewing a patient's medication during shift change. Which of the following medication would be contraindicated if the patient were pregnant?

2011 NCLEX® Examination Candidate Bulletin

CoNTACT INformATIoN Contact Pearson VUE for questions regarding: • Registering to take the NCLEX examination • Authorization to Test (ATT) Letter • Lost ATT letter • Scheduling/rescheduling an exam appointment • Acceptable forms of identification • Comments about the test center ...

BON NCLEX Frequently Asked Questions

4. Will The NCLEX Examination Administered Internationally Be The Same As The Examinations Administered Domestically? Yes. The test specifications and passing standards are the same for all NCLEX examinations.

NCLEX® Examination Candidate Rules Checklist

NCLEX ® Examination Candidate Rules Below you will find the NCLEX examination candidate rules. Please note that if you do not follow the rules or the instructions of the test administrator (TA), your examination result may be withheld or cancelled, your examination fee may not be refunded and ...