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What is a learning objective?

Objectives Assessment Content Learning EFFECTIVE USE OF PERFORMANCE OBJECTIVES FOR LEARNING AND ASSESSMENT (For Use With Fink's and Bloom's Taxonomies)

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) Objectives

CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Exam Objectives 1 of 19 Copyright 2011 by the Computing Technology Industry Association. All rights reserved.

Writing Performance Objectives for Job Components: A Brief ...

Under the State of Missouri's PERforM employee appraisal system, each employee must have at least one (1) performance objective for each of the five (5) "across-the-board" performance components used to evaluate all employees.

Step 2 Define Goals and Objectives

68 2/03 Step 2 Define Goals and Objectives Overview: "What are goals and objectives?" Goals are general guidelines that explain what you want to achieve in your community.

Objectives for

Objectives for Personal Living and Finances Developed as directed by the Code of Virginia §22.1-253.13:1.B and correlated with the Mathematics Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools Prepared by the Virginia Department of Education Virginia Board of Education 1999 Revised 2002, 2006 1

Writing Good Work Objectives

Writing Good Work Objectives Where to get them and how to write them Fred Nickols 7/27/2011 In many organizations, people are asked to write work objectives for themselves and for others as part of their company's performance planning and appraisal process.

he Vision, Mission, Objectives, and Business Description

Managing the Double Bottom Line: 46 E XHIBIT 2A: TARTINA E NTERPRISE P RIOR TO V ISION AND M ISSION R EALIGNMENT This program has an identity crisis. It wants to know: "What am I, a program or an enterprise?"


3 Introduction A curriculum is designed as a response to education and/or training needs, and the degree of precision of articulating the learning objectives is directly related to achieving the desired learning outcomes.

MI Transportation P lan, Goals, Objectives

MDOT State Long-Range Transportation Plan Goals, Objectives, and Performance Measures Report _____ Page i Table of Contents Chapter 1.

Assessment Planning Workshop

Writing Educational Objectives 2/36 Outline EC 2000 lessons learned so far Definitions Taxonomies Examples of course objectives Steps to writing objectives Mapping course objectives to program