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OpenOffice.org User Guide

OpenOffice.org User Guide for Version 2.x [OpenOffice.org User Guide for 2.x] [0.2] First edition: [2005­04­11] First English edition: [2005­04­11]

Project-Management with Gantt-Charts

Project-Management with Gantt-Charts OpenOffice.org 2.0 Calc [Projekt-Management und Gantt-Diagramm mit OpenOffice.org 2.0 Calc and Comment créer un diagramme de Gantt avec OpenOffice.org] [1.1] First editions: [2005-06-06 and 2003-01-03] First English edition: [2005-11-09]


1 OpenOffice.org Writer 1.1 Downloading OpenOffice.org 4 1.2 Create A New Document 9 1.3 Paper Size & Change Margins 14 1.4 Cut, Copy And Paste 20 1.5 Spellcheck 23 1.6 Insert Bullets And Numbers 29 1.7 Inserting Pictures 32 1.8 Creating A Table 36 1.9 Create Header & Footer 40 1.10 Delete ...

Download and Install OpenOffice 2.4.1

Download and Install OpenOffice 2.4.1 Introduction This tutorial describes the procedure for Microsoft Windows XP. The procedure for other versions of Windows (eg. 98, 2000, Vista, etc.) should be almost identical.

OpenOffice.org 1.0, ODBC, and MySQL 'How-to'

OpenOffice.org 1.0, ODBC, and MySQL 'How-to' Trademarks are owned by their owners. There is no warranty about the information in this document. Use and distribute at your own risk.

Open Office programming with C# / . net

Table of Contents 1. About OpenOffice and .net..... 2 2.

Creating Simple Envelopes and Labels for OpenOffice.org 1.x

page 1 Creating Simple Envelopes and Labels for OpenOffice.org 1.x If you want to simply and print one envelope or one set of labels all with the same address, use these sections.


OO. ORG IMPRESS Presentation dev't application similar to MS PowerPoint Used to construct and deliver an electronic slide presentation User can add graphics, make handouts, and convert slides to web pages

OpenOffice-Microsoft Office Comparison Guide

Comments and Comparison Guide Reprint Requests: info@word auto ma ti on. com www. wordautomation. com Selected Features OpenOffice 2.0 Writer Microsoft Word 2003 Comments Open and save Word (.doc) files √ √ Open WordPerfect (.wpd) files √ √ Word Macro (VBA) support No √ Contact Word ...

OpenOffice.org 1.1 User Manual

What is OpenOffice.org? Open Office. org is an office suite. You will find it invaluable for any number of everyday tasks, from writing reports to creating professional presentations.