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ARI to Enhance PartSmart® with New Features and ...

ARI to Enhance PartSmart® with New Features and Functionality By Catherine Lukas-Ter Horst, Product Manager – ARI PartSmart®, ARI’s premier parts lookup software known to more than 50,000 users worldwide,

PartSmart 8 FAQ

PartSmart 8 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Why? Better graphics. No more verification code Internet updating More efficient through use of icons and tabs Clearer searching More efficient layout When When will I see PartSmart 8.0?


ARI CONFIDENTIAL Topic: Installation What are the recommended hardware requirements for PartSmart 8.0? This version of PartSmart requires: • Microsoft Windows 98SE, 2000, XP Professional, Server 2000, or Server 2003 • Minimum 400 MHz Intel Pentium, 1.0GHz or higher • Minimum 128 MB RAM ...


COMPANY PROFILE Founded in January 2000, Partsmart Corporation is a manufacturer-based wholesale company dedicated to parts and supplies for laser printers.

Fixing the "Process ID/Thread ID error"

IE7 often contains a default setting which imposes a level of trust the PartSmart does not tolerate. To diagnose: For users of IE7, the first thing to look for is the security setting.

Troubleshooting Guide PS8

Problem: Early on in the installation, PartSmart prepares the InstallShield Wizard. This can take over a minute to complete. The screen does say "Please wait" - but in small print.

Troubleshooting Guide

ARI CONFIDENTIAL Troubleshooting Guide Problem: I installed PartSmart 8.0 under admin account, then logged in as a user but I not see the icon or the installation folder in Start>Programs>ARI.


CREDIT APPLICATION FORM Partsmart Corporation 3500 Corporate Way, Ste A, Duluth, GA 30096 Phone: 770-263-1277, Fax: 770-263-1278 Email: sales@partsmart-corp.com, Web: www.partsmart-corp.com

PARTSMART Who Is the Man in a Tutu? Who Cares?

April 2009 Prices do not include tax and are good thru 4/30/2009 Des Moines Fort Dodge Carroll Cherokee Phone (800) 800-6503 www.ohallorans.com Fax (515) 967-0206

DOLMAR Power Products & PARTSMART®

To reserve/order the DOLMAR catalog, complete the form below and fax to (414) 973-4618 or call 1-800-755-6040. Mention code DOL0706 Customer # Dealership Name DOL0706 Name Address State City Zip Telephone # ...