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an exclusive spool pattern

designed by michael fulkerson cutting line sewing line fold Bird Body cut from fabric 1 Bird Belly cut from fabric 2 leave open Mister Blue Bird materials: 10" x 10" square (each) of 2 fabrics scissors, marking pencil, thread directions: 1.


SUNSHINE QUILT SEWING PATTERN INCLUDES: Instructions and templates to create your own Sunshine Quilt. Featuring Soul Blossoms, a collection of fabrics designed by Amy Butler for Rowan Quilt designed by Amy Butler Made by Ellen Maxwell Pattern written by Susan Guzman Questions on instructions?

What is a pattern?

1 Design Patterns CMSC 433 Design patterns, CMSC 433 2 What is a pattern? •Patterns = problem/solution pairs in context •Patterns facilitate reuse of successful software architectures and design •Not code reuse-Instead, solution/strategy reuse-Sometimes, interface reuse Design patterns ...

Folk Dance Quilt

Folk Dance Quilt fabric requirements & structions by anna maria horner The Folk Dance quilt is made from 13 colors (+plus what you choose for binding and backing) of Good Folks fabrics.

reversible bucket hat

dIFFICuLTY: Hats are a must for covering up young, delicate skin. This one has lots of style and sews up very quickly. You can make it reversible with two favorite fabrics, or you could add a little pocket on the outside and complement it with a fun lining.

The Snuglet

The Snuglet A comfy, cozy, easy-to-make fleece blanket that lets you keep your arms free without sacrificing warmth! a project by Welmoed Sisson welmoed@sissonfamily.com www.sissonfamily.com/Sewingroom You will need: 3 yards polar fleece, 60" wide Cutting Cut 24" off one short end of the fleece ...

Classic Reversible Apron

Materials needed:  A large piece of paper for making the pattern.  For a child's apron, two pieces of coordinating fabric. Both should measure at least 23" (length) x 20"(width) .

Crime Pattern Definitions for Tactical Analysis

IACA Standards Subcommittee Chair: Chris Delaney, Director of Business Intelligence, Rochester Police Department IACA Standards, Methods, and Technology Committee Chair: Jason Elder, Crime Analyst, Cincinnati Police Department Subject Matter Experts: Christopher Bruce, President, IACA Dr. Rachel ...