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$9.95 per person Pasta Tortelloni Rigatoni Penne Ziti Farfalle Sauces Bolognese Pomodoro Arrabiata Alfredo Carbonara Pesto Funghi Selvaggi Primavera Penne Pomodoro Dinner Catering Menu (214) 368-3100 PennePomodoro.com

Penne Pomodoro Family s

Family size portions of your favorite Italian dishes to feed any size family. Please note that all items and pricing listed above are for takeout only.

Ratatouille with Penne

Ratatouille with Penne Ratatouille, the classic vegetable stew of Provence, is featured in all the small restaurants along its coast. Vegetables for ratatouille are usually prepared separately and not combined until the end.

Pasta choice is spaghetti, angel hair, linguini, rigatoni, penne

Antipasti Mama's Special Nachos fried pasta chips with asiago cream sauce,crumbled sausage & hot peppers $10.95 Cucina Fried Calamari with a balsamic drizzle $11.95 Mama's Baked Clams with her secret stuffing Stolen from Aunt Rose shhh $10.95 Mozzerella en Carrozza $8.95 Cucina baked Garlic ...


Penne Classico Marinated chicken, shrimp and smoked proscuitto tossed with alfredo and penne pasta, then baked with a parmesan crust. 15.59 Tortellini


PENNE WITH FENNEL SAUSAGE POMODORO SERVES 4 Ingredients 2 tbsp Olive Oil 1 cup Chopped Onion 1 cup Fennel chopped 1 1/2 pounds Italian Sausage Crumbled 1/2 cup Water 6 cups Tomato Sauce 1 pound Penne Pasta (or your favorite pasta shape) 1/2 cup Grated Romano Cheese 1/4 ...

Salmon with Penne Pasta, Tomato, Olives and Basil

Salmon with Penne Pasta, Tomato, Olives and Basil Food Recipe Nutrition Facts Report.xls

Penne Portobello

Recipe from the Hungry Quilter When it comes to a romantic Valentine's Day dinner, this pasta dish can't be beat. It's absolutely delicious and can be prepared in no time, so you'll be spending less time in the kitchen and more time together with your sweetie sharing a wonderful meal.

Giancarlo Giametti Penne Arrabiata

Giancarlo Giametti Penne Arrabiata Serves: 4 Time: 15 minutes ingredients preparation Set a large pot of water on to boil and season with a few big pinches of salt.

Penne Giardiniera Penne Pasta with Spinach Balls

Penne Giardiniera Penne Pasta with Spinach Balls Every time this popular vegetarian dish is chosen at Carluccio's, 50p is donated to Action Against Hunger, an international charity helping families feed their children and build a sustainable future.