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Three-Phase Electronic Watt-Hour Meter Design Using MSP430

www.ti.com 2.3 Current Inputs-Current Transformer (CT) V R71 160 k Ω R74 10 k Ω R21 1 k Ω R21 5 Ω C38 100 nF V R68 10 k Ω R27 1 k Ω C39 10 µF IC8B LM324 C18 100 nF C20 10 µF R40 5 k Ω C19 10 µF 5 6 7 2 3 1 13 12 14 P1 1 2 C14 2.2 nF D4 R28 3.3 k Ω IC3D LM324 IC3A LM324 V I1LOW I1HIGH ...


Contents Field Orientated Control of 3-Phase AC-Motors iii Contents 1. Introduction ..... 1 2.

Near-Miss System Analysis: Phase I

Near-Miss System Analysis: Phase I December 2000 James R. Phimister, Post-Doctoral Fellow Ulku Oktem, Senior Research Fellow Paul R. Kleindorfer, Universal Furniture Professor Howard Kunreuther, Cecilia Yen Koo Professor Wharton School, Center for Risk Management and Decision Processes Other ...


PROPOSED APPLICATION PROCESS: The Department will make awards through a two-part process.

144-00001 rev 06

junction box 144-00001 rev 06. junction box up to 15 m190-72-240-s1x or up to 13 m210-84-240-s0x micro-inverters per branch circuit @ 240 vac (approx. 2800 wac) up to 15 m190-72-240-s1x or up to 13 m210-84-240-s1x micro-inverters per branch circuit @ 240 vac (approx. 2800 wac) up to 15 m190-72 ...

Drug Metabolism: Phase I

1 Drug Metabolism: Phase I N-oxygenation Earlier that we showed the oxidative dealkylation of alkyl amines: Here we discuss the metabolic reaction where the nitrogen atom is oxidized directly.

Electrical Studies for Trades

Unit 12 Three-Phase Circuits After studying this unit, you should be able to: ■Discuss the differences between three-phase and single-phase voltages.

Phase I Clinical Trial Design

Phase I Clinical Trial Design Lawrence V Rubinstein, PhD * Richard M Simon, DSc * Biometric Research Branch, National Cancer Institute 6130 Executive Blvd, Suite 8130, MSC 7434 Bethesda, MD 20892-7434 Phone: 301-496-4836 FAX: 301-402-0560 rubinsteinl@ctep.nci.nih.gov rsimon@nih.gov ( To Appear ...

3-3 Phase Changes

2 * Gas * Solid Liquid Temperature and Phase Change * One way to recognize a phase change is by measuring the temperature of a substance as it is heated or cooled.

Oscillator phase noise: A tutorial

326 IEEE JOURNAL OF SOLID-STATE CIRCUITS, VOL. 35, NO. 3, MARCH 2000 Oscillator Phase Noise: A T utorial ThomasH. Lee , Member, IEEE, and Ali Hajimiri , Member, IEEE Abstract— Linear time-invariant (LTI) phase noise theories provide important qualitative design insights but are limited in ...