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You may have heard the term single axis when speaking of gyros. Your Micro Piezo Gyro is a single axis gyro (as are all gyros intended for R/C use).


The "enclosed" type transducer design has the piezo bender mounted directly on the underside of the top of the case which is then machined to resonant at the desired frequency.

Piezo Polymer Coax Cable

Piezo Polymer Coax Cable Piezo Polymer Coax Cable Rev 1 www.meas-spec.com 05/12/2009 1 of 4 Coaxial Design Piezo Sensor Shielded Constuction

Discrete Sliding Mode Control of Piezo Actuator in Nano-Scale ...

Abstract-In this paper Discrete Sliding Mode Control (SMC) of Piezo actuator is demonstrated in order to achieve a very high accuracy in Na no-scale with the desired dynamics.

Piezo-Actuator Cartridge with AE Sensor for DTR3000 and V2002 ...

Copyright © Guzik Technical Enterprises. All rights reserved 8 System Requirements The following test system components are required: 1. Guzik DTR3000 spinstand, or V2002 spinstand revision 6 or higher with the following components: Head Loading Mechanism upgraded with piezo-actuator cartridge ...

Piezo LEGS® Wave Plate

Piezo LEGS ® Wave Plate LEGS-RS-10-S-S1 Key Features * Unlimited rotation * High Resolution, No Backlash * High Speed dynamics * Electronic and manual control * Very simple electronics * Very compact The Piezo LEGS ® wave plate motor is intended primarily for use in laser applications with ...

Piezo Element Driver

ELM412 Elm Electronics - Circuits for the Hobbyist < http://www.elm electronics.com/ > Pin Descriptions Ordering Information These integrated circuits are available in either the 300 mil plastic DIP format, or in the 200 mil SOIC surface mount type of package.


Our Company's Evolution F piezoelectric ceramic elements Penn State Custom or the last twenty years, Piezo Kinetics Inc. (PKI) has manufactured and assemblies used in a wide variety of applications and industries, including aerospace, biomedical, and ultrasonics.

Piezo LEGS® Rotary 80Nmm

Ordering Information LR8012A-00A00 Standard Drivers and Controllers PMD90 Microstepping Driver PMCM31-01 PiezoMotor Driver Model PDA 3.1 PMCM21-01 Handheld driver Accessories ECA-PMD031-00 Motor Cable 0.5 meter Piezo LEGS ® Rotary 80Nmm The Piezo LEGS® 80 Nmm motor is intended for a very large ...

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Quick and Dirty Piezo Preamp Quick and Dirty Piezo Preamps Francis Deck Updated 11-24-2008 A number of people on the TalkBass forum have discussed building a homemade preamp, so I decided to share my designs.