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eschatology: views of millennialism the prefix before "millennium" refers to the "time of christ's second coming as it relates to the millennium premillennialism "second coming before the millennium" postmillennialism "second coming after the millennium" amillennialism "no literal millennium ...

Dispensationalism's Eschatological Dilemma

leaders, some of whom are Jewish in heritage, and their postmillennial and covenantal beliefs are anti-Semitic is never stated. Accusations have been fabricated and left unchallenged leading to fallacious thinking on the part of some that these accusations are self-evident.

New, Improved Postmillennialism

But at the same time, postmillennialism had to deal with the interventionist, apocalyptic language of the Bible that ran contrary to the spirit of the age and the postmillennial view of progress.

THEONOMY AND ESCHATOLOGY | Some Reflections On Postmillennialism

Theonomy and Eschatology 2 from postmillennialism as such but only from "certain types" of it. 4 Similarly, in a 1915 article B. B. Warfield, besides characterizing "premillennial" and "postmillennial" as "unfortunate," "infelicitous" terms, seems to recognize only those two positions. 5 More ...


9 The postmillennial view teaches that Christ's kingdom will come gradually but certainly as the gospel spreads and triumphs over evil. They often cite Habakkuk 2:14, "For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea."


postmillennial schedule of Hodge, which the majority of Theonomists would accept as a timeline. However, the manner in which the church is to advance and be ultimately successful is another matter.

Valley Bible Church Theology Studies

Valley Bible Church Theology Studies 3347 West Avenue J, Lancaster, CA 93536 661.942.2218 TTY 661.942.1285 www.valleybible. net Overview of Postmillennialism There are three broad schools of thought regarding eschatology: Premillennialism believes that the return of Christ will be prior to the ...

Agony, Irony, And Victory In Inaugurated Eschatology ...

R. Fowler White, "Agony, Irony, And Victory In Inaugurated Eschatology: Reflections On The Current Amillennial-Postmillennial Debate," Westminster Theological Seminary 62.2 (2000): 161-176.


This accords with a theology of hope, in the direction of a modification of the Augustinian eschatology known as the postmillennial or latter-day glory vision of the church's future in this world and age. III. Eschatology in Biblical Perspective The critical basis for eschatological reflection in the ...

Summary of Four Views on Revelation

The Postmillennial View The Millennium, a term meaning "thousand," refers to the thousand-year reign of Christ (20:1-6). Some Christians believe the Millennium will be an age of blessedness on the earth.