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Advanced PowerPoint …it’s all about you - A Presentation ...

©TeachUcomp, Inc. Advanced PowerPoint. 3. Welcome to Teachucomp Inc.’sAdvanced PowerPoint class. PowerPoint is a multimedia program designed to create and display presentations.

PowerPoint - Tables / Charts / Graphs

PowerPoint -Tables / Charts / Graphs Open PowerPoint: • Click on Start (located on the Taskbar at the bottom) • Click on Programs • Click on Microsoft PowerPoint or • Click on the Microsoft PowerPoint icon (located on the Microsoft Office Shortcut Toolbar) • Select Blank Presentation ...

PowerPoint 2010

Customizable Computer Training 9 Courseware 9 Online Learning 9 Skills Assessments Microsoft ® PowerPoint 2010 Quick Reference Card PowerPoint 2010 Screen Keyboard Shortcuts The Fundamentals • To Create a New Presentation: Click the File tab, click New , and click Create.

Using PowerPoint to Create High-Resolution Images for Journal ...

AJR:185, July 2005 273 AJR 2005;185:273-276 0361-803X/05/1851-273 © American Roentgen Ray Society Yam Using PowerPoint to Create High-Resolution Images Computers in Radiology Using PowerPoint to Create High-Resolution Images for Journal Publications Chun-Shan Yam 1 Yam C-S Received October 26 ...

Hands-On Practice

Hands-On Practice Using Microsoft PowerPoint Software on a SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard When you use Microsoft® PowerPoint® software in conjunction with a SMART Board™ interactive whiteboard, presentations become more collaborative and relevant to your audience.

PowerPoint - Creating Posters

PowerPoint Posters 1 PowerPoint - Creating Posters PowerPoint - Creating Posters Course Description: This course is designed to assist the you in creating eye-catching effective posters for presentation of research findings at scientific conferences and exhibits.

PowerPoint Slide Show Step-By-Step

Prepared by Linda D. Resch and Linda C. Joseph Instructional Information Services 1 PowerPoint Slide Show Step-By-Step Setting Up a Slide 1. Start PowerPoint.

Powerpoint Design: The Good, The Pretty, and the Really ...

Powerpoint Design: The Good, The Pretty, and the Really, Really Ugly Planning Target Audience What do you want to accomplish. • Outline or Storyboard idea before you even start!

design Keys for Classroom Presentations

PowerPoint Tips design Keys for Classroom Presentations Inclusiveness Typography Design Serif vs. Sans Serif Serif fonts are the font styles like Times New Roman or Georgia that have serifs or "tails" at the ends of the lines.

by PowerPoint

Death by PowerPoint PowerPoint (and other presentation software such as Keynote) can be a useful tool to support presentations when used appropriately.