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22 HİDROLİK PROFİL BÜKÜM PRESİ HYDRAULIC CAMBERING PRESS CNC KONTROL SYSTEM TEKNİK ÖZELLİKLER / TECHNICAL DETAILS Tonaj - Capacity 250 Ton ( 220 Barda) Pompa - Pump Kt6c-14 Paletli Pompa - Palettice Pump Motor 22 Kw İleri Hızı - Forward Speed 9 Mm/sn Geri Dönüş Hızı - Return ...

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At the last MASA meeting, in Columbia, Missouri, the outgoing ...

OF TIME AND THE RIVER: "ANCESTRAL NONSENSE" VS. INHERITED GUILT IN CABLE'S "BELLES DEMOI­ SELLES PLANTATION" HOWARD W 0 FULWEILER At the last MASA meeting, in Columbia, Missouri, the outgoing presi­ dent of the Association, Professor Nicholas Joost, discussed the aims and methods of the ...

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M. H' Frohberg, WALKER MINERALOGICAL CLUB* OFFICERS 1949 Eonorary Presi,ilent, A. L. Parsons, Presid'ent, M. H' Frohberg, Past Presid'ent' G' E' Steel, Secreiary-Treastaer, W. M. Tovell, H.itor,M.

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DaviD D. aRNOLD This has been a transformational year for the American University in Cairo. As we celebrated the university's illustrious 90-year history, we also completed the long-awaited move to our new campus.

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Cveni saqarTvelo, me-6 klasi. moswavlis wigni sagani: Cveni saqarTvelo gamomcemeli: Sps "logos presi" avtorebi: mzia surgulaZe, nino mindaZe, vaJa neiZe, nino eremaSvili, giorgi mSvenieraZe zurab kiknaZisa da nino mamalaZis monawileobiT mTavari redaqtori: la Sa be raia Tanaredaqtori: ekaterine ...