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Jersey City Councilman-at- Large Radames “ Ray” Velazquez ...

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jennifer Morrill. September 30, 2010 Press Secretary. 201-547-4836. 201-376-0699. Jersey City Councilman-at-Large Radames “Ray” Velazquez, Jr. to Be Sworn in

Lyric Opera ofKansas City presents an introduction to

Radames is condemned to die by being sealed up in the vault below the temple. Amneris curses the priests (in words which may again echo Verdi's anti-clerical feelings): "Nor are they ever sated with blood...and they call themselves ministers ofheaven."

AIDA Script

AIDA Script Aida Characters: 10 + Ticket Taker Aida- slave to Amneris and Ethiopian princess King of Egypt Radames, military officer King of Ethiopiaa Amneris, Egyptian princess Egyptian townspeople Guard 1 Guard 2 Narrator 1 Narrator 2 Prologue Ticket Taker: My name is_____.

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Radames is entombed in a crypt under the Temple of Vulcan. He sees a shadow move towards him. It's Aida, who has slipped into the crypt to die alongside Radames.

Paquito d'Rivera, clarinet Sérgio and Odair Assad, guitars

Their virtuosity has inspired a wide range of composers to write for them: Astor Piazzolla, Terry Riley, Radamés Gnatalli, Marlos Nobre, Nikita Koshin, Roland Dyens, Jorge Morel, Edino Krieger and Francisco Mignone.

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AIDA, a beautiful Ethiopian slave girl, loves Radames. RADAMES, a handsome Egyptian military leader, loves Aida. AMNERIS, daughter of the king of Egypt, is in love with Radames.


RADAMÈS [rah-dah-MEZ], an Egyptian, is a captain in the army. He is in love with Aida. AMNERIS [ahm-NAIR-ees] is a princess of Egypt. She is in love with Radamès.

The Post Puzzler No. 40 by Patrick Berry / edited by Peter ...

Lover of Radames 15. Vaughn's "Psycho" co-star 16. Shepherd of old 17. Show trials 20. Stop order? 21. Do one's best 22. Oregon Trail city 23. One who thinks Ali is the greatest?

Aida Scene Breakdown

Prologue: Museum Aida, Amneris, Museum Visitors, Radames Music: #1 - Every Story is A Love Story

Pittsburgh Opera Announces the Triumphant Return of Aida

Returning to the Benedum stage for the first time since 1995, this magnificent production features a powerhouse international cast starring Hungarian diva Eszter Sümegi as Aida, Ukrainian tenor Vladimir Kuzmenko as Radamès, and Mark S. Doss as Amonasro.