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PRIVATE PRISONS : Quality Corrections at a Lower Cost

There is little reason to believe that private prisons cut service quality to improve their bottom line. A. Quality Comparison Studies A number of studies have examined the quality of private correctional services in the United States, ...

The California h

Reason Foundation • www. reason.org IntroductIon High speed rail could possibly be a valuable transportation mode. In California it might effectively serve legitimate public or environmental purposes or be a financial success.

How Do I Fire an Incompetent Teacher?

How Do I Fire an Incompetent Teacher? You are the administrator of a New York City public school. Your mission is to fire a teacher who is so inept that virtually no other teacher, parent, or student would object.


2"of"18 For"more"information"on"this"survey,"please"visit"http://reason.com/poll"or"email"polling@reason.org How"do"you"typically"travel"to"work?"Do"you…"

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Desire, Reason, and Action

1 Desire, Reason, and Action Diana Mertz Hsieh (diana@dianahsieh.com) Aristotle (Phil 5081, Shields) 13 December 2004 (Fall 2003) Aristotle is widely regarded as a critical figure in the action theory—and justly so.

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The 3 R’s: Radiation, Risk, and Reason

The 3 R's: Radiation, Risk, and Reason By John Luetzelschwab Professor of Physics, Emeritus Dickinson College Department of Physics © 1996 Contents Preface Introduction Chapter 1: Radiation: What is it?

A Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime: Relational Permanence ...

A Reason, a Season, or a Lifetime: Relational Permanence Among Young Adults with Foster Care Backgrounds GINA MIRANDA SAMUELS 2008

Is Kierkegaard an Irrationalist? Reason, Paradox, and Faith

IS KIERKEGAARD AN IRRATIONALIST? 355 rational knowledge of the nature of God. It rests rather on what one might call the natural self-confidence of reason.