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revolves around thirteen reasons she believed contributed to the end of her life. Are there thirteen equally important reasons she had to live?

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NEW REASONS TO BELIEVE | 2 | VOL 2/NO 4 2010 CONTRIBUTORS Krista Kay Bontrager, MA Theologian, writer, educator, and dean of online learning at Reasons To Believe (RTB) Fazale Rana, PhD Biochemist, author, RTB executive, and former senior scientist with Procter & Gamble Hugh Ross, PhD Astronomer ...

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thors of the many why-Iam-an-atheist-type books are good examples of the latter. Our speaker this week, Dr. Dan Heinze, emerged from his crisis of faith in the calm waters.

Reasons: Practical and Epistemic

Reasons: Practical and Adaptive 1 Joseph Raz I will consider some of the differences between epistemic reasons and reasons for action, and use these differences to illuminate a major division between types of normative reasons 2, which I will call 'adaptive' and 'practical' reasons.


1 June 1995 C OMPETING T HEORIES OF J USTIFICATION : D EEDS VS . R EASONS Paul H. Robinson * Every jurisdiction recognises that special circumstances can justify conduct that otherwise would be an offence.

Decision Making: REASONS

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O NE HUNDRED STUDENTS each year make Yale the most stimulating place in the world to study medicine. Each chooses Yale for a hundred di≠erent

Reasons: Explanatory and Normative

Reasons: explanatory and normative Joseph Raz A thesis familiar by being as often disputed as defended has it that intentional action is action for a reason.


Page 1 of 10 REASONS FOR BANNING SMOKING IN CERTAIN PUBLIC OUTDOOR AREAS * 1. Careful scientific studies - based upon both highly accurate mathematical modeling techniques as well as actual real-life measurements - have shown that concentrations of secondhand tobacco smoke in many outdoor areas ...

Reasons, Causes, and Action Explanation

10.1177/0048393105277987 PHILOSOPHYOF THE SOCIALSCIENCES / September 2005 Risjord / REASONS, CAUSES, AND ACTION EXPLANATION Reasons, Causes, and Action Explanation MARK RISJORD Emory University To explain an intentional action one must exhibit the agent'sreasons.