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Includes glassware or plasticware, linens, bar set-up. One ...

21 P 310.825.7021 | F 310.206.0932 | E catering@ha.ucla.edu | I www.catering.ucla.edu Hot Beverages Coffee Bean Premium Coffee | $24 per gallon Regular or decaffeinated coffee with half-and-half, non-dairy creamer, sugar, no-calorie sweeteners Selection of Hot Teas | $17 per gallon Includes ...

Total Refreshment Resource

Bigelow, Lipton and Tazo teas Swiss Miss hot chocolate Pepsi cold beverages Aquafina water Nestlé water • Nearly 90% of management and more than 70% of employees feel it's important to have a wide variety of refreshments at work Tropicana juices Crystal Light On-The-Go Flavor sticks Quaker oatmeal Lipton ...


The company responds with are sounding"Yes. "Saying"Yes"toa National Account A growing number of forward-thinking organization s are saying"Yes"to national office refreshments service.

Refreshments Reference Guide May 2003

Attachment 1-1 Refreshments Reference Guide May 2003 • Food or refreshments may NOT be purchased with appropriated funds when the purpose is to: • maximize the time of executives; • get the participants acquainted and interacting; • encourage participants to arrive on time; and • break ...

Drinks (20 ox. Bottles)

Lifesavers Spearmint Lifesavers 5 Flavor Lifesavers Tropical NutraGrain Apple NutraGrain Blueberry NutraGrain Strawberry Oat & Honeynut Bars Oberto'sBeef Jerky Oberto's Hickory Beef Stick Orbits Gum Zero Candy Bar Spearmint Gum Special K Strawberry Bar Special K Blueberry Bar Sunmaid Trail Mix ...

About Energy Drinks

The Facts About Energy Drinks Refreshments Canada and its members are proud to provide Canadians with a wide variety of bevera ges including soft drinks, sports drinks, juices, bottled waters and several varieties of energy drinks.

B-288266 Use of Appropriated Funds to Purchase Light ...

United States General Accounting Office Washington, DC 20548 Comptroller General of the United States Decision Matter of: Use of Appropriated Funds to Purchase Light Refreshments at Conferences File: B-288266 Date: January 27, 2003 DIGEST 1.

Refreshments for meetings

BUSINESS POLICIES AND PROCEDURES MANUAL PURCHASING 70.31.1 Revised 7-10 Accounts Payable 335-2060 Travel Services 335-2034 Buying Meals or Light Refreshments for Meetings INTRODUCTION The purchase of food for meetings is subject to state and University regulations.

Dubai Refreshments (PSC)

Microsoft Word - Final Interim financial statements 31 March 2008 for Dubai Refreshments.doc