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He holds a Commercial Pilot, Rotor-Craft, Helicopter certification as well as Commercial Pilot, Glider and Private Pilot, Single Engine Land certifications.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Copyright 2005 Manufacturing Practices, Inc*All rights reserved Key Performance Indicators (KPI) Years ago, I was an Operations and IT Manager fora small manufacturing company.


U.S. Helicopter Corporation Stratford, CT Ultra Helicopters Ltd. Grimshaw, AB, Canada Upper Limit Aviation Salt Lake City, UT Valkyrie Leasing LLC Seattle, WA Vertical de Aviacion Ltda. Bogota, Colombia Vision Air Services Oakfield, NS, Canada Western Airways, Inc. Boise, ID Westwind Helicopters ...

International Helicopter Safety Team

International Helicopter Safety Team Safety Management System Toolkit 2nd Edition, 2009 Produced by the US Joint Helicopter Safety Team (USJHSIT) All information in this publication has been provided in good faith.

Lab 13: Wound rotor induction motor.

ELEN 3441 - Fundamentals of Power Engineering Lab # 13 Spring 2008 Page 1 Lab 13: Wound rotor induction motor. Objective: to examine the construction of a 3-phase wound rotor induction motor; to understand exciting current, synchronous speed and slip in this motor; to determine its starting ...

C D International, Inc. www.balancingweightsonline.co ...

trical rotor unbalance tolerance is not required to reduce the forces at the bearings to an acceptable level. Figure 11 . In the overhung rotor exam. ple in Figure 11 .


MANUFACTURERS OF CARTER ENGINEERING CO., INC . • 232 SO. GLASGOW AVENUE INGLEWOOD. CALIF. 90301 TEL.EPHONE: o\REA CODE 213 649.0111 The information in our enclosed brochures should be helpful to you in evaluating the type of communications equipment we manufacture.


F LEXIBLE R OTORS - T ECHNIQUES AND T OLERANCES FOR B ALANCING I NTRODUCTION A flexible rotor may be nearly perfectly balanced in the shop at low speeds in the balancing machine, but perform poorly when operated in the field environment.

Tech Bulletin

Checking Rotor Phasing To check rotor phasing, you'll have to modify a distributor cap so you can observe the rotor tip with a timing light when the engine is running.

The Evolution of Rotor and Blade Design

The Evolution of Rotor and Blade Design July 2000 • NREL/CP-500-28410 James L. Tangler Presented at the American Wind Energy Association WindPower 2000 Palm Springs, California April 30-May 4, 2000 National Renewable Energy Laboratory 1617 Cole Boulevard Golden, Colorado 80401-3393 NREL is a U ...