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sauna and steam bathing

2 Steam Room DG2B. 1300 x 1200 x 2250 Steam Room DG4B. 1900 x 1300 x 2250 Steam Room DG8D. 2120 x 1940 x 2250 Steam Room DG10BC. 3100 x 1900 x 2250 A suitable floor with drainage is required.


SAUNA HEATERS WOODBURNING SAUNA HEATERS Traditional woodburning saunas really go to the heart of the pure sauna experience. The incomparably soft heat, lush hiss of steam and relaxing crackle of a wood-fueled fire… even the ritual of tending the fire.

More references on detoxification, infrared therapy and the ...

Effects of the sauna . JAMA. 1982; 247(1): 28. Shafran, M.B. Effect of infrared heating on blood indices in swine. Veterinariia . 1969; 46(2): 89-90.

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SAUNAFIN Manufacturers of: Sauna Heaters Sauna Material Liner Kits Pre-Fab Saunas Steambath Generators 115 Bowes Road, Unit 2, Concord, ON, L4K 1H7

Instructions for installation and use

0208 Artnr 29000120 1 Sauna Heaters Instructions for installation and use WARNING! • Do not cover the saun a heater. This creates afire hazard. • Do not touch the top of the heater.

Sauna Kit Assembly Instructions

Sauna Kit Assembly Instructions On arrival from freight truck, please inspect palletized sauna kit for possible shipping damage. Check off itemized parts on the original invoice to make sure your kit has arrived complete and intact.

Far Infrared Therapy (FIRT) What is Infrared Heat?

Since an infrared sauna helps generate two to three times the sweat produced in a conventional hot-air sauna, the implications for increased caloric consumption are quite impressive.Assuming one takes a sauna for 30 minutes, some interesting comparisons can be drawn.


WATERSTAR SAUNA USA WATERSTAR SAUNA MANUAL LD, LDT, LDGE, T and S Series General sauna characteristics 1. Ambient temperature from 41ºF to ≈104°F 2.

The Relax Sauna stands Heads & Shoulders above any other FIR ...

The Relax Sauna stands Heads & Shoulders above any other FIR Sauna ! Why ? How does the Relax Sauna compare to other Portable Saunas ? The Relax Sauna is the only Sauna (including wooden ones) that has a patented semi-conductor chip with a comp uter program that filters out all near infrared ...

Preparing For Your New Sauna

2009 Saunas LTR20091007, Rev. A Safety Instructions 3 When installing and using this electrical • equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed.