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Kumah's Tu B'Shevat Seder

B"H Kumah's Tu B'Shevat Seder 1 The Mishnah proclaims the 15th day of the month of Shevat as the New Year for the Trees. Two thousand years ago, during the time of the Holy Temple, Tu B'Shevat marked the beginning of a new year for calculating the agricultural ma'asrot (tithes, one-tenth of each ...

Script for Hillcrest Passover

The P assover S eder The Seder Meal is one of the most widely practiced traditions in the Jewish faith. It is a celebration of the Passover.


CHRISTIAN SEDER To our Jewish neighbors, Passover is the greatest feastday of the Year. The celebration centers on the Seder meal. Easter is our Christian Passover and our Mass is a celebration of the Last Supper which was a seder meal with our Jewish Jesus.

Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle) 2010 Passover Seder 5770

Arbeter Ring (Workmen's Circle) 2010 Passover Seder 5770 The Heart of the Stranger: A Justice Hagode Sunday, April 4, 1 pm 1525 S. Robertson Blvd. (4 blocks south of Pico) www. circlesocal. org Our program is in English, with group participation.

IN SEARCH OF FREEDOM: A Passover Seder for Darfur

IN SEARCH OF FREEDOM: A Passover Seder for Darfur Edited by Rabbi Or N. Rose & Tamar Grimm In collaboration with American Jewish World Service, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, Tents of Hope, and the Save Darfur Coalition


One was my repeated attendance at an annual Seder hosted by my friends Edgar and Susan Taylor in Ann Arbor. The other was the advent of personal computers and my use of them.

The Four Cups

Over the centuries the Passover Seder has grown with new and meaningful

Congregation Yeshuat Yisrael Passover Seder Demonstration

1 Set up each table including the head table as follows: • Individual place setting (see page 2) • One Matzah Bag plate with a large napkin on top (see page 2) • One Seder Plate (see page 3) • One medium size glass bowl to be used as a finger bowl • 2 candles in candle holders per ...

Seder Foods

Seder Foods Real Time Enterprise Level Information Access Allows Established East Coast Distributor to Improve Customer Service and Compete and Win Versus Larger Competitors Established in 1926, Seder Foods is a family owned wholesale food and grocery distributor located in the rural western ...


Photos courtesy of 30minute Seder Right: Seder table place cards are available on 30minuteseder.com S-28 - Passover Planner/JEWISH NEWS OF GREATER PHOENIX — March 20, 2009 Local Hagaddah company makes Israeli debut LEISAH WOLDOFF Managing Editor T he 30minute-Seder Hagaddah, from Phoenix-based 30minute-Seder ...