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Interrogative Sentences Interrogative Sentences An interrogative sentence asks a question. It ends with a question mark. Did you turn Did you turn the light off? the light off?


EXAMPLES OF OUTSTANDING 50-WORD-SENTENCE EXERCISES Assignments that ask students to perform some operation in a single 50-word sentences serve multiple purposes, perhaps the most important of which is teaching concision.

Build -A-Sentence

Build -A-Sentence Learning Objective: Gaining awareness of parts of speech and sentence construction. Materials: • Word List • Pictures • Coloured Index Cards or Tagboard • Markers • Glue • Clear Plastic Letter Dividers • Pocket Chart • Recording Form Presentation & Storage ...


Sentence Concurrent with Foreign Jurisdiction Occasionally, offenders receive sentences in Oklahoma designated as concurrent to a sentence in another state, or the federal system, ...

Grammar Presentation: The Sentence

Grammar Presentation: The Sentence GradWRITE! Initiative Writing Support Centre Student Development Services 1 The rules of English grammar are best understood if you understand the underlying structure of the language.

Simple sentences are independent clauses. They contain a ...

Grammar Name _____ Date _____ Simple Sentences © 2006 abcteach.com Simple sentences are independent clauses.

∞ Materials: prepared paragraph for student analysis , Expand a

Sentence Fluency East on Day 6 Sentence Fluency Lesson Plan ∞ Purpose/Rationale: Students will recognize the purpose of sentence fluency through expanding and combining sentences ∞ Standards/Benchmarks: W. GR. 04.01: Use simple and compound sentences, direct and indirect objects ...


THE SENTENCE A sentence has a SUBJECT and a VERB and makes a COMPLETE THOUGHT. S V Susan made fudge. S V I found the mop behind the door.

Compound Sentences

Grammar: Compound Sentences Name _____ Date _____ ©2004abcteach.com Compound Sentences A compound sentence is a sentence that contains two complete ideas (called clauses ) that are related.

Use complete sentences - any fragments must add to the

kimskorner4teachertalk.com A good writer should: Use different sentence lengths. Use different sentence structures. Use different sentence beginnings. Use language that sounds natural. Give the writing an easy flow and rhythm. Invite expressive oral language of the text ...