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Instruction Sheet VorTech®Air Separator

Instruction Sheet VorTech ® Air Separator 102-071 SUPERSEDES: January 1, 2004 EFFECTIVE: April 1, 2005 Plant I.D. Number 001-994 Design Conditions: • Maximum Operating Pressure: 150 PSI (1034 KPa) • Maximum Operating Temperature: 240 °F (115 °C) • Media: Water or Water/Glycol Mixture ...


Flow Range Separator Nominal Particle (gpm) Diameter Size Recovery* 30-60 4" +400 mesh 50-90 6" +400 mesh 100-220 9" +325 mesh 250-400 12" +325 mesh 400-600 15" +325 mesh 550-950 18" +270 mesh 900-1500 24" +200 mesh 1400-2300 30" +170 mesh 2000-3500 36" +140 mesh SAND PROCESSING Sand Separator ...


OIL/WATER SEPARATOR FIELD GUIDE FOR PATROL YARDS Revised February 2007 MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTATION Environmental Unit, Northwestern Region Environmental Policy and Standards Section

Centrifugal Oil and Water Separators

SPECIFICATION DATA The removal of excess oil and water droplets from any compressed air or gas system is efficiently and simply accomplished in the PSB Oil and Water Separator.

Rolairtrol® Air Separator

Bell & Gossett ® Instruction Manual A85524 REVISION B INSTALLER: PLEASE LEAVE THIS MANUAL FOR THE OWNER'S USE. Rolairtrol ® Air Separator Installation, Operation and Service Instructions SAFETY INSTRUCTION This safety alert symbol will be used in this manual to draw attention to safety related ...

Environmental guidelines for water discharges from petroleum ...

APPENDIX 5 SEPARATOR DESIGN METHODOLOGIES This appendix deals with the design of oil-water separators. Appendix 5.1 gives the design calculations for API separators; Appendix 5.2 deals with parallel plate separators; and Appendix 5.3 presents the basic equations for separator design.


OIL-WATER SEPARATOR 15 PPM DESIGN SPECIFICATION 1.0 DESCRIPTION 1.1 The work described in this section includes installation of factory assembled oil-water separator. 1.2 The oil-water separator shall be installed in location indicated on the drawings. 1.3 QUALITY ASSURANCE: 1.3.1 APPLICABLE ...


LITHO IN USA BATTERY SEPARATOR The Smart Solenoid The BATTERY SEPARATOR is designed for use in multi-battery applications as a solenoid priority system to protect the chassis charging system from excessive loading while allowing auxiliary batteries to be charged.

Flex separation systems, S-separators 805/815

The S and P Flex separation concept includes the complete S- and P-separator range. These can all be combined in mixed ship sets, even within a single customer- specified module.

Focus on efficiency KHD Separators

VSK ® Separator The VSK ® combines the sturdy design of the V-Separator with the high performance of the SEPMASTER . The cage wheel is arranged as an add-on module to the V.