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Engineering Plastic Sheaves & Sheave Design

Engineering Plastic Sheaves & Sheave Design Timco's cast nylon sheaves are increasingly found on a wide variety of lifting equipment. They often replace sheaves made of cast iron or steel.


5 inch Root Diameter Aluminum or Nylon 8 inch Root Diameter Cast Aluminum, Nylon or ABS 12 inch Root Diameter Cast Aluminum, Nylon or ABS 16 inch Root Diameter Flat or Round Groove (20" similar profile) Cast Nylon 24 inch Root Diameter Cast Nylon 36 inch Root Diameter Cast Nylon i Sheaves, LLC ...

a Perverse Sheaf?

On the other hand, a perverse sheaf restricts to a local system on some dense open subvariety.We want to makesenseofthe following slogan: perverse sheaves are the singular version of local systems.


CAST NYLON SHEAVES FOR WIRE ROPE Cast nylon sheaves are superior to aluminum or steel sheaves for many wire rope load applications. For more than 50 years, they have replaced steel and aluminum sheaves in cranes, hoists and other load bearing wire rope applications.

Sheaves and Drums

Sheaves and Drums Sheaves and drums play a very important part in overall rope life. To maximize rope service life, it is imperative that the equipment have properly maintained sheaves and drum lagging.

Traction Sheave Hardness

There is a direct relationship between ropes and traction sheaves, yet this relationship is sometimes misunderstood. Many times a problem occurs which appears to be rope related, such as wear or vibration, and the natural assumption of the cause is a manufacturing defect in the wire rope.

Sheaves and Grooves

Over the past few decades, elevator system equipment has become more compact in the quest for decreased power consumption, reduced equipment costs and increased space utilization.

PowerBand® V-belts and Multi-Duty® Sheaves

17656-9 PowerBand ® V-belts and Multi-Duty ® Sheaves Gates Multi-Duty sheaves are designed for A and B-section V-belts. This PA Note reviews belt use with these sheaves and highlights the one exception to belt interchangeability.

Belt Drive Products Metric Sheaves & Timing Pulleys

384 P.T. International Corp. Metric V-Belt TL SP Sheaves PTI offers a full line of these widely used Metric V-Belt Sheaves from stock. These European standard sheaves, (commonly known as V-pul


Larger sheaves require larger turning centers, more setup time and more expensive fixtures. Custom sheaves over 18" OD step up considerably in price.