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So You Think All Shutters Are The Same?

We do something quite unique in the shutter industry… We help homeowners eliminate ALL of the frustrations they might face with other window covering companies.


Norman shutters have a Lifetime Limited warranty for as long as the original purchaser owns the shutter(s) (or as otherwise stated*), PROVIDED THAT such products were (i) properly installed; and (ii) such products were made or assembled exclusively from original materials and components.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Stormy Clements (866) NORMAN-8, extension 177 NORMAN™ DEBUTS INNOVATIVE MOTORIZED SHUTTER AT IWCE SANTA FE SPRINGS, CA -- Norman, a leading manufacturer of custom hardwood and composite wood shutters, is pleased to present a battery-operated remote control ...

Federal Energy Tax Credit

Please consult with a tax professional regarding your individual tax situation and ability to claim a tax credit related to the purchase of the Elizabeth Shutters' Shutter Insulation System.

1 The preferred tradesmen’s choice S H U T T E R S . C O M ...

S H U T T E R S . C O M N W AG The preferred tradesmen’s choice web: www.newageshutters.com 2 WelCome to neW age shutters WelCome to neW age shutters new age shutters are the uk’s leading supplier of high quality plantation shutters, both online and through our selected stockists nationwide ...

nduring beauty and graceful charm

Atlantic Premium Shutters are handcraft ed using the most advanced modern materials. Each shutter is custom made with old world craft smanship to your exact specifi cations.


H ANSON ' S L ANDING A SSOCIATION , I NC ., A C ONDOMINIUM C / O A DVANTAGE P ROPERTY M ANAGEMENT , 1111 S. E. F EDERAL H IGHWAY , S TE . 100 S TUART , F LORIDA 34994 HURRICANE SHUTTER POLICY Hurricane shutters may be installed on any window or apartment entrance door wall at Hanson's Landing.

Do You Know 8 Questions That Most Shutter Companies Hope You ...

Do You Know 8 Questions That Most Shutter Companies Hope You'll Never Ask Them? 1. More Than A "Cookie-Cutter" Approach Ask any window covering company, "Are your shutters hand-crafted to my exact specifications, including color, finish and fit?"Real custom shutters are made from the ground up ...

Polycore Warranty

Limited 25-year warranty on Sunland Polycore Shutters Sunland's Polycore shutters are warranted against defects in materials that might result in the warping, cracking, or fading of the shutters for a period of 25-year from the date of initial installation.

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Customer Assistance www.horizonshutters.com Phone: 1-888-399-4947 Fax: 1-888-626-0008 Custom-Made Solid Wood Interior Shutters The information in this booklet is presented as a guide to help you select shutter styles, measure window openings, and order Horizon shutters.