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The CAP Uniform

They must be straight and of even width (i.e., not flared). They must end in a clean-shaven horizontal line. Sideburns must not extend beyond the lowest part of the exterior ear opening.

Body Massage

... Bellissimo Facial Collagen Mask Algae Mask Caviar Mask AHA & Green Tea Mask Wheat Protein Mask Paraffin Mask Thermal Ice Mask Pumpkin Mask Anti-Aging Facial Purifying Facial Lightening Facial Delightful Facial Athletic Facial Back Facial Mini Facial Teen Facial Hair Removal Eyebrow Wax/Arch Lip Wax Chin Wax Sideburns ...

The Wedding Singer

... 2.4 Julia Robbie 1.1 1.6 Robbie Sammy ALL Robbie Clerk George Sammy Couple 1 Bums 1.2 George Couple 2 Robbie Rosie Crystal 2.5 Sammy Mookie Julia George 1.7 Holly Glen Julia Wedding Ensemble Glen Angie Glen Robbie Sammy Father of the Bride 1.11 George (1.3 is cut) Scott ALL Dance Ensemble Men Donatella 1.4 Bad Haircut Guy 2.1 2.6 Robbie Sideburns ...


The growth can be beard, goatee, chin-whiskers, van dyke, mutton chops, mustache, sideburns, or any other acceptable facial hairy growth of such length and full luxuriance as to be readily seen at a distance of eight paces.

General Procedures, Policy and Responsibility

Such facial hair includes stubble, beards and long sideburns. Note: If it is determined that an individual cannot obtain an adequate fit with any tight-fitting respirator, a loose fitting powered air purifying or supplied air respirator may be required instead.


"We have too many men with beards and mustaches and long sideburns who don't look like service personnel at all. I don't think hair and food go together."


Childhood lingerecl in his features, but when he paused to rcst, his fingers went hopefully to the silky beginnings of sideburns and a mustache. He mopped like a robot, jerkily, brainlessly, but took pains not to splash suds over the toes of his black boots.

One-Year Unlimited Laser Hair Removal Sessions for Two Medium ...

One-Year Unlimited Laser Hair Removal Sessions for Two Medium Areas Offer valid for two of the follow areas: Brazilian-Bikini (leaves a strip) Fore-arms Small of Back (Females only) Breast-Full Face-Full Gluteal Shoulders Sideburns-Full


... minute massage... $25 French Manicure..... $5 French Pedicure..... $8 Polish Change Mani..... $8 Polish Change Pedi..... $12 Paraffin Dip Hand or Feet..... $10 Paraffin for both Hand & Feet.. $15 Brow Design.....$20 Brow Cleanup....$18 Lip or Chin.....$8 Sideburns ...


Keep sideburns neatly trimmed and tailored in the same manner as the haircut. Sideburns shall not extend past the middle of the ear (not flared) and shall end with a clean-shaven horizontal line.