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SimpleIRA.qxd. SIMPLE IRA PLANS for Small Businesses. Simple IRA Plans for Small Businesses is a joint project of the U.S. Department of Labor's Employee Benefits Security Administration ...

SIMPLE IRA Adoption Agreement

2-11 Page 1 of 5 ©2011 Ascensus, Inc., Brainerd, MN _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ – SIMPLE IRA PLAN ADOPTION AGREEMENT


401(k) PLAN CHECKLIST 401(k) PLAN CHECKLIST This Checklist is not a complete description of For Business Owner's Use all plan requirements, and should not be used as (DO NOT SEND THIS WORKSHEET TO THE IRS) a substitute for a complete plan review.

Form 5304-SIMPLE (Rev. September 2008)

Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees of Small Employers (SIMPLE)—Not for Use With a Designated Financial Institution Form 5304-SIMPLE (Rev. September 2008)

SIMPLE IRA Checklist and Fix-It Guide

siMPLe irA PLAn CheCkList siMPLeirA PLAn CheCkList SIMPLE IRA Checklist and Fix-It Guide

SIMPLEIRA Transfer ofAssetsForm

SIMPLE IRA TRANSFER OF ASSETSFORM n PAGE 1 OF 2 Name of Current Custodian/Trustee _____ _____ Attn: Mr./Ms. _____ Address ...

Designated Financial Institution SIMPLEIRA (5305)

TR 244-3 Sect. 1-1 08/2006 Mailing Address: P.O. Box 8963 Wilmington, DE 19899-8963 800-209-9010 Fax: 302-999-9554 Privacy Notice This Notice is provided on behalf of Delaware Charter Guarantee & Trust Company d/b/a Principal Trust Company.

SIMPLE IRA  SEP-IRA  SARSEP-IRA Account Application

To open a First Investors account for a: SIMPLE IRA SEP-IRA SARSEP-IRA Inherited SIMPLE IRA Inherited SEP-IRA Inherited SARSEP-IRA

Employer Instructionsfor Establishing a SIMPLEIRA Plan

Employer Instructionsfor Establishing a SIMPLEIRA Plan Review Allofthe Enclosed Documents Read carefully the enclosed materials about SIMPLE IRA plans, including the Form 5304 SIMPLE used to establish your SIMPLE IRA plan and the instructions and information included with the form.

Adding Automatic Enrollment to SIMPLE IRAPlans— Sample ...

1974 ("ERISA"), does fiduciary relief under§404 (c) (5)of ER IS Aa pplywithre-specttothe investment of SIMPLEIRA contributions, including default salary reduction contributions, in default investments ( i.e. , investments made in the ab-senceofany investment direction by the employee)?