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Sobriety or Recovery

Sobriety or Recovery? By Jean Kirkpatrick, Ph.D., WFS Founder . This year the WFS “New Life” Program is 20 years old. That's so hard for me to

Sobriety Court Frequently Asked Questions (Public)

Sobriety Court Frequently Asked Questions (Public) 1. Am I eligible to receive a Sobriety Court restricted license? A Sobriety Court determines whether you are eligible and accepts you into their Sobriety Court

DWI Detection and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing

PREFACE The procedures outlined in this manual describe how the Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs) are to be administered under ideal conditions.

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Woman’s A Program For Treatment Facilities Women For Sobriety “New Life” Program WFS “New Life” Groups Groups In The Community: Women alcoholics form small self-help groups of about 5-7 women.


3:00 Registration Opens 8:00 Registration Opens 9:00 Spiritual Breakfast 5:30 Speaker Meeting 9:30 AA Workshop 10:00 Sobriety Countdown Al-Anon The 12 Traditions Speaker Meeting Bob L, Tacoma, WA Johnnie H. AA ...

AKING A D IFFERENCE OGETHER - A Residential Co-Occurring ...

A Residential Co-Occurring Substance Dependence and Mental Health Treatment Program for Women Sisters In Sobriety MAKING A DIFFERENCE TOGETHER Sisters in Sobriety (SIS) is a moderate to long-term residential treatment program that


Perceptual and Motor Skills, 1994,79,99-104.8 Perceptual and Motor Skills 1994 FIELD SOBRIETY TESTS: ARE THEY DESIGNED FOR FAILURE?' SPURGEON COLE AND RONALDH.

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Sobriety Court

Mission Statement The Mission of the 52 nd District Court, 3 rd Division Sobriety Court is to serve our communities and improve public safety by focusing on drunk drivers and other substance abusing repeat offenders.


WHAT IS ABSOLUTE SOBRIETY? The Absolute Sobriety law is more commonly referred to as "Not A Drop". Wisconsin law clearly states that any person not of legal drinking age (currently 21 years of age); can not drive if s/he has consumed ANY alcohol.