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Sponsorship, Revised

parent, a marriage counselor, or a social worker. Nor is a sponsor a therapist offering some sort of professional advice. A sponsor is simply another addict in recovery who is willing to share his or her journey through the Twelve Steps.

P-15 Questions & Answers on Sponsorship

4 Contents Contents What Is Sponsorship? 7 For the Person Seeking a Sponsor How does sponsorship differ from Twelfth Step calls? 8 How does sponsorship help the

European Sponsorship Association Policy statement on ...

940750_3.DOC European Sponsorship Association Policy statement on sponsorship by alcohol brands The issue The European Commission, as part of their development of a new strategy in relation to alcohol consumption in the European Union, commissioned a report into the social, health and economic ...


These sponsorship ideas are merely suggestions and we recognize that each individual event will be unique. We encourage you to do what you can and to have fun.

Securing SponSorS for Department Health and Wellness Programs

Section 1. Getting Started 5 NVFC Heart-Healthy Firefighter Program: Resources for Your Department 5 Steps to Securing Sponsorship 7 Sponsorship Tip Sheet 9

Lower Manhattan Cultural Council

Lower Manhattan Cultural Coun cil SAMPLE FISCAL SPONSORSHIP AGREEMENT Page 1 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Training, Networking, Talks: Arts Advancement Series WORKING WITH A FISCA L SPONSOR A Panel Discussion SAMPLE FISCAL SPONSORSHIP AGREEMENT Below is ...

Sponsorship Menu - ach year the Fargo Moorhead Chamber of

Each year the Fargo Moorhead Chamber of Commerce offers a diverse schedule of events and programs to serve our members’ interests.

Individual Sponsorship Information Package

Individual Sponsorship Information Package This package is designed to help you in your individual pursuit of Personal Sponsorship Enclosed you will find: 1.


06/13/02 1 U.S. FIGURE SKATING ASSOCIATION SPONSORSHIP INFORMATION AND SUGGESTIONS FOR FIGURE SKATING ATHLETES Individuals and Teams There are two types of sponsorship athletes can obtain to help subsidize training and competition expenses: 1.

Sample Letter Requesting Sponsorship

Sample Letter Requesting Sponsorship Letterhead Date Name Address Dear _____: I am writing to see if you and (name of company) would be interested in sponsoring a presentation for the members of the (name of organization).