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Last days of life

Palliative Care Guidelines: Last days of life | Version 2 31 © NHS Lothian Re-issue date: August 2010 Review date: August 2013 Last days of life Introduction When all reversible causes for the patient's deterioration have been considered, the multi-disciplinary team agrees the patient is dying ...

Block By Block Lap Quilt Project Page

Subcut the strips to make 20, 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" squares. 1. Sew sashings vertically to your quilt blocks to make 4 rows, each using 3 quilt blocks and 4 sashings.


Surrey, West Sussex and Hampshire Cancer Network NHS Reason for Update: 2-yearly update Approved by Chair of Network TSSG: Dr A Laurie Version: 3 Date: 31.3.11 Supersedes: Version 2 Review date: April 2013 Prepared by Oncology Pharmacist: S Taylor Checked by: C Tucker Page 1 of 1 CYTARABINE ...

Fentanyl Subcutaneous (Palliative Care)

Waitemata MEDICINE & INFUSION PROTOCOLS Medicines & Administration District Health Board Medicine & Infusion Protocols A-Z Manual Fentanyl Subcutaneous (Palliative Care) Classification: 014-001-01-079 Issued by: Pharmacy & Palliative Care Issue Date: October 2008 RP : 24 mths Authorised by: P&T ...

Apomorphine treatment: A nurse's perspective

ACNR • VOLUME 2 NUMBER 5 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2002 23 Section Special Feature Background A pomorphine is structurally similar to dopamine and is a potent agonist at both D 1 and D 2 type dopamine receptors.

Guidelines on the use of Subcutaneous Alfentanil

Owner: Selby & York Palliative Care Team & Pharmacy Group Date of Issue:03/ 2006 Reviewed 5/9/2007 Version:5 Review Date 8/2010 Approved by : York Interface l Drug and Therapeutics Committee

List of palliative medications for community pharmacists and ...

Essential palliative care medication lists for community pharmacists and general practitioners List of palliative medications for community pharmacists and general practitioners

UK guidance on best practice in vaccine administration (PDF)

Preface UK Guidance on Best Practice in Vaccine Administration 3 This guidance has been developed in the year 2001 after consultation with the following contributors, who formed the Vaccine Administration Taskforce (VAT): Jane Chiodini , Travel Health and Immunisation Specialist Nurse; Chair ...

Subcutaneous Injection

X-Plain™ Subcutaneous Injection Reference Summary Introduction Giving yourself an injection is simple. Most people are nervous about giving an injection - that's natural, but once you learn the procedure and practice it, the nervousness will disappear.

Injection Instructions

This is a step-by-step guide to injecting FUZEON ® (enfuvirtide) that helps remind you about what you learned at your healthcare provider'soffice.