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X-Plain Sinus Surgery Reference Summary Introduction Sinus surgery is a very common and safe operation. Your doctor may recommend that you have sinus surgery.

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2 SURGERY • Diagnosis and size of tumor. If a tumor is benign, does not cause intracranial pressure (due to its small size) or cause problems with sensitive areas, avoiding or postponing surgery might be considered.


Surgery Department Information Cardiac Surgery General Surgery Pediatric General Surgery Thoracic Surgery Transplant: Liver, Kidney & Pancreas


Surgery 90 The Basics Your role as a student will be integral to the function of the team. You will often be by the patient's bedside before, during, and after the operation.

Published April 2011

M EDICARE P ART B Surgery Rev. 04/2011 1 Global Surgery GLOBAL SURGERY Definition Global surgery is combining reimbursement for the surgical procedure and certain costs associated with the surgical procedure into one fee.

2010-2011 Booklet of Information - Surgery

- 2 - The Booklet of Information - Surgery is published by the American Board of Surgery (ABS) to outline the requirem ents for certification in surgery.

Preparing For Your Surgery

Abdominal Surgery: Preparing for Your Surgery - 3 - What is Abdominal Surgery? Abdominal surgery involves a surgical operation on organs inside the abdomen (see Figure 1).

Surgery: A guide for MTFs

1 Sex reassignment surgery (SRS) refers to surgical techniques used to change trans people's bodies. SRS is sometimes called "gender reassignment surgery" (GRS) or "gender confirming surgery".

Robotic Esophagectomy

1 "The Department of Surgery has three principal goals: outstanding resident and medical student education, excellent patient care, and high quality research activities."


1 SURGERY BASICS The information presented here is not designed to be an all-inclusive course on surgery. There are numerous text books and web sites on surgery of small animals.