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Goodlettsville Driver Training

Goodlettsville Driver Training. Basic Teen Driving Course ($395) Extended Teen Driving Course ($470)  30 hours Classroom / 6 hours in-car training  License to Drive Training  Complimentary Learner’s Permit Test  Certified by TN Dept. of Safety  TN Road Test available ...

When Your Teen is Angry…

Question: Why is my teenager so angry? Answer: First, teens deal with the emotional rollercoaster. It is a normal part of When Your Teen is Angry…

parenting: when teenagers runaway

The police track down Sarah at her father's house and bring her home. if your teenager runs away :  try and find out why they ran  contact their friends or friends' parents  visit places you think they might be  contact their teacher or counsellor  leave messages with their friends - let them ...

Teenagers and Pornography Addiction: Treating the Silent Epidemic

What's more, the Internet and cable television promise the curious teenager the added benefits of anonymity, secrecy, and a sense of safety (Schneider & Weiss, 2001).

Parenting Your Adopted Teenager

FactSheet For FamilieS October 2009 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families Administration on Children, Youth and Families Children's Bureau Child Welfare Information Gateway Children's Bureau/ACYF 1250 Maryland Avenue, SW Eighth Floor Washington, DC ...

Helping your teenager cope with a death

*Page*1*of*2 www. ucdmc. ucdavis. edu/cancer Helping your teenager cope with a death The death of a loved one can be a very stressful event for you and your teen.

Living with our teenager

The increased emotionality of preteens and young teens makes these years very difficult for many parents and their children. Both parents and the teens themselves are distressed by the teens' emotional outbursts but all have difficulty managing their feelings of distress.

Examination of Conscience for Teenagers & Young Adults

The teenager is saying, "I want to turn away from sin. I want to strive once more to live by God's commands, I want to live under his authority.

Helping Your Teenager Cope After a Traumatic Event

23020-0499 Helping Your Teenager Cope After a Traumatic Event When a tragedy occurs in our midst -- a school shooting, a bombing, or another act of terrorism -- our first thoughts are for our children.

Living with our teenager

Physical Changes Are Dramatic The years of late childhood and early adolescence contain one of the most rapid and most dramatic periods of physical change in the human life cycle.