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How to get rid of plaque

Rx for Sound Teeth PLAQUE: PLAQUE: What it is and how to get rid of it People used to think that as you got older you naturally lost your teeth. We now know that's not true.

Observing Animals' Teeth

Observing Animals' Teeth If you look in your mouth, you should find three different kinds of teeth - incisors for biting and cutting, canines for tearing and piercing, and molars for chewing and grinding.


Cracks in teeth are findings that are to be detected in terms of location and extent. Crack detection is one aspect of a thorough diagnostic evaluation, ...

Tooth whitening What you should know

384 JADA, Vol. 140 http://jada.ada. org March 2009 FOR THE DENTAL PATIENT ... Tooth whitening What you should know I f you want to whiten your teeth, the best place to start is with a healthy mouth.

Teeth: Enamel Hypoplasia

The Great Inca Rebellion || student handout Enamel hypoplasia is a defect that occurs when dental enamel doesn't form completely, usually because of malnutrition or disease.

The Facts About Fillings

4  Material is brittle and can break under biting forces  May not be recommended for molar teeth  Higher cost because it requires at least two office visits and laboratory services NICKLE OR COBALT-CHROME ALLOYS Nickel or cobalt-chrome alloys are mixtures of nickel and chromium.

Primate Dentition

The impressions and casts were made of the permanent and deciduous teeth of primate skulls housed in the following museums: American Museum of Natural History, National Museum of 1.

Bone, Antler, Ivory, and Teeth

Bone, Antler, Ivory, and Teeth Found in such items as tools, jewelry, and decorations Identification and General Information Items derived from skeletal materials are both versatile and durable.

Tooth Whitening

We all want a whiter smile, and today, it can be accomplished safely, quickly, and effect ively. While tooth whitening is the quicke st and most cost-effective way of improvi ng a healthy smile, there are so many options available for getting teeth their whitest, that it can be confusing to ...

Facial Development,Continuous Tooth Eruption, and Mesial ...

55% of the teeth showed an infraocclusion of 0.5 to 4.5 mm.This phenomenon was explained by the con tinuous eruption of the normally functioning teeth.