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I Wonder Reading Strategy

"I Wonder…" Reading Strategy & Poetry Lesson Plan By Debra Henk "A reader with no questions might just as well abandon the book." — Strategies That Work by Harvey and Goudvis, p. 82 Good readers and writers actively practice the following processes: curiosity, questioning, imagining ...

"Right There" Clue "Think and Search" Inference

Name _____ Name _____ Name _____ Date _____ "Right There" Clue "Think and Search" Inference 1.


From the work of Cris Tovani Directions: Record the conversation in your head as you read. Decide if the conversation in your head interferes with your understanding of the text.

ELA Curriculum DRAFT

... Kids Can't Read: What Teachers Can Do by Kylene Beers Reading Reminders: Tools, Tips, and Techniques by Jim Burke Daybook of Critical Reading and Writing by Fran Claggett, Louann Reid and Ruth Vinz Strategies That Work by Stephanie Harvey and Anne Goudvis I Read it, but I Don't Get It by Chris Tovani ...

Fix-it Strategies

In order to do this, readers must monitor their comprehension, and when meaning breaks down, they need to repair it." - Cris Tovani, author of I Read It But I Don't Get It Card # 1

Secondary Reading

Teaching for Understanding of Content and Process (Guided Reading: A Focus on Informational Texts, part 5) (Newbridge Educational Pub., 2003) Thoughtful Reading: Teaching Comprehension to Adolescents - Cris Tovani (Stenhouse, 2003) For more information about professional library resources, contact: ...

Comprehension Constructors: Helping Adolescent Learners ...

They are not meant to be used as templates, but as springboards for thinking about how you might design constructors for your students based on current assignments and needs. Reference Tovani, Cris.

Using Authentic Texts in the Language Classroom

2 1.0 Introduction According to McDonough and Shaw (1993:43) , authenticity can be described as, " a term which loosely implies as close an approximation as possible to the world outside the classroom, in the selection both of language material and of the activities and methods used for ...

Annotation is the act of “talking” to the text as you read it

ANNOTATION GUIDELINES HOLLEY- Reading 96/97 Annotation is the act of “talking” to the text as you read it


Tovani (2004) tells us that reading must be purposeful in order to be meaningful. Likewise, you should make purposeful decisions for what you include in your text set.