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Syphilis: Treatable, but still deadly

Syphilis: Treatable, but still deadly By: Stefanie Botelho ~ Venereal syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease caused by the bacterium Treponema pallidum, which can be identified in a corkscrew shape while viewed through a microscope. ~ The first sign of this disease is a sore called a chancre ...


TEA - THE LONGEVITY BEVERAGE HEALTH FACTS ABOUT GREEN, BLACK & OOLONG TEAS DESCRIPTION In China, records indicate that tea has been drunk since at least 3000 BCE by Buddhist monks during times of long meditation for its harmony of two elements, alertness and relaxation.

Denominator - PSI #4 Death among Surg ical Inpatients with ...

AHRQ Quality Indicators Web Site: http://www.qualityindicators.ahrq.gov PSI #4 Death among Surgical Inpatients with Serious Treatable Complications

A Guide to the Asilomar Accords Definitions: "Healthy ...

A Guide to the Asilomar Accords Definitions: "Healthy," "Treatable," "Unhealthy & Untreatable" The effect of the Asilomar definitions is not to draw lines between animals who can and can't be saved, but to put shelters on the same footing as their community: shelters that save all healthy and ...

Age and Ageing 1997; 26: 43-44

Age and Ageing 1997; 26: 43-44 CASE REPORT REM sleep behaviour disorder: a treatable cause of falls in elderly people LJTSA MORFIS, RAYMOND S. SCHWARTZ, PETER A. CISTULJJ

FAS is Preventable and Treatable, Experts Tell Conference

Life Line "400 percent increase in frequent and binge drinking by pregnant women from 1991 to 1995." Dr. Malone stated that "there is a higher awareness of FAS but no change in behavior among high-risk drinkers."


DEFINITIONS H-30.995 Alcoholism as a Disability 1. The AMA believes it is important for professionals and laymen alike to recognize that alcoholism is in and of itself a disabling and handicapping condition.

Bulletin Number: xxxxxx

Colorectal Cancer: Preventable, Treatable, and Beatable - Medicare Coverage and Billing for Colorectal Cancer Screening Bulletin Number: xxxxxx

Treatable Chondral Injuries in the Knee:

AJR:174, April 2000 1099 Treatable Chondral Injuries in the Knee: Frequency of Associated Focal Subchondral Edema OBJECTIVE. In the knee, chondral flaps and fractures are radiographically occult articular cartilage injuries that can mimic meniscal tears clinically; once correctly diagnosed ...

Your Health is Your Wealth Event

She lectures extensively throughout the United States on the Treatable and Beatable approach to cancer. The Author of two Wellness books: Staying Calm in the Midst of Chaos & Treatable and Beatable, ...