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About Turkeys

About Turkeys John James Audubon, a well-known bird expert and nature enthusiast, described wild turkeys as birds of great beauty. 1 The history and origin of wild turkeys is uncertain, yet many share Audubon's sentiment that the wild turkey is "one of the most interesting of the birds ...

Wild Turkey Management

Wild Turkey Management Alabama Guide Sheet No. AL 645B Management Practices for Retaining and Creating Habitat Habitat management for turkeys is mostly a matter of retaining, creating and managing suitable food, cover and water.


• Wild turkeys may not be taken with the aid of dogs. No person may be accompanied by a dog or dogs while hunting or assisting in hunting wild turkeys.

Truths and Myths about Wild Turkey - FNR-264-W

Turkeys in Human Landscapes Complaints about wild turkey in urban areas have increased in recent years. Wild turkeys are now commonly observed in developed areas and towns, especially those located in more rural landscapes within prime turkey range.

Wild Turkey ( Meleagris gallopavo )

Regional plantings for wild turkeys Region Herbaceous plants Shrubs Trees Northeast--ME, NH, VT, MA, RI, CT, NJ, NY, PA big and little bluestems, Indi-angrass, ...

Eastern Wild Turkey

1 Eastern Wild Turkey "Strutting Toms" - Eastern Wild Turkeys (Photo by Maslowski - NWTF) Introduction The eastern wild turkey, as its name implies, inhabits the eastern half of the United States.

“The spirit of innovation lives on” Talking Turkey ...

Turkeys turkey which is healthy, productive and easier to manage both as commercial and parent stock. Aviagen Turkeys work closely with the Turkey Industry to

Planting a Wild Turkey Food Plot

1 The reason most hunters want a food plot is to increase sightings of turkeys. Planting a choice food source will likely increase sightings and provide opportunities for harvest success.

Pasturing t

19 How to Raise HeRitage tuRkeys on PastuRe CHaPteR 3 Pasturing t urkeys By Jesse Grimes, Professor of Poultry Science & Extension Turkey Specialist, North Carolina State University; Jeannette Beranger, Research & Technical Program Manager, American Livestock Breeds Conservancy; Marjorie Bender ...

Turkey Hunting Rules and Regulations

IN .gov 8 Turkey Hunting Safety Safety Tips for Hunting Wild Turkeys Wild turkeys hunters are reminded to make an annual review of hunting safety tips as part of each season's preparation.