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Sentence Variety

Created for Owens Community College Writing Center 1 Sentence Variety Adding sentence variety to your writing will do three things: enhance the flow of ideas, intensify points, and sustain the interest of your reader.


How to Select an alfalfa Variety: Determine an appropriate fall dormancy class Alfalfa varieties differ in fall dormancy defined as growth during the fall.

Variety, Emphasis, Harmony, and Unityx

Unity (p. 287) Joern Utzon. Sydney Opera House, Australia. 1959-72. Reinforced concrete. Height of highest shell: 5.1 m (200'). •The Sydney opera House is unified with it's setting.


IS THE NEXT BIG THING By TATIANA SIEGEL H arry Potter has cast his final spell. Hannah Mon tana performed her clos ing number. The Twi light Saga will take one

Variety Club Camp and Developmental Center

Variety Club Camp and Developmental Center 2950 Potshop Road, P.O. Box 609, Worcester, PA 19490 Phone: (610)584-4366 Fax: (610)584-5586 Summer 2011 Dear Parents, Caregivers and Variety Club Campers, Enclosed please find the information needed to get the ball rolling to attend Variety Club Camp ...

Parallelism, Variety, and Emphasis

226 18b PARALLELISM, VARIETY, AND EMPHASIS CHAPTER 18 Parallelism, Variety, and Emphasis 18a What is parallelism? When you write words, PHRASES , or CLAUSES within a sentence to match in their grammatical forms, the result is parallelism.


2 ROUTING, SHIPPING, AND PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONS PART I: INTRODUCTION PURPOSE To provide instructions for handling carrier freight. APPLIES TO All Variety Wholesalers, Inc., Vendors and Distribution Centers.

Variety wholesalers, inc. routing guide (For EDI vendor orders)

Variety wholesalers, inc. routing guide (For EDI vendor orders) Revised 7/01/2009 Dear Traffic Manager: Enclosed please find an updated Variety Wholesalers Inc. Traffic Routing Guide for small package and LTL shipments.


THURSDAY, MAY 22,2008 DAY 9 61ST CANNES FILM FESTIVAL HOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE 'SYNECDOCHE'? VARIETY.COM/CANNES OUT OF COMPETITION By LESLIE FELPERIN T he idea of Serbian-Bosn-ian helmer Emir Kus-turica making a docu about the legendary Argentine soccer ace Diego Maradona might seem like an odd ...

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Variety LX Option The Variety LX option combines all the standard library chara cterization features of Liberate with Variety. This enables a single characterization system to generate both statistical and non-statistical models that are consistent in state dependency andcharacterization ...