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Outbreak of West Nile Virus Infection in Greece, 2010

Outbreak of West Nile Virus Infection in Greece, 2010 Kostas Danis, Anna Papa, George Theocharopoulos, Georgios Dougas, Maria Athanasiou, Marios Detsis, Agoritsa Baka, Theodoros Lytras, Kassiani Mellou, Stefanos Bonovas, and Takis Panagiotopoulos During 2010, an outbreak of West Nile virus ...

Japanese Encephalitis Laboratory Manual

WHO Manual for the Laboratory Diagnosis of Japanese Encephalitis Virus Infection 30 March 2007- FINAL DRAFT - For Evaluation Purposes 2 Contents Glossary ..... 4 1.

Epstein-Barrvirusinoral diseases

Virus particles in cultured lymphoblasts from Burkitt'slymphoma. Lancet 1964; 15: 702-703. 2. HenleG, Henle W, Diehl V. Relation of Burkitt'stumor-associated herpes-type virus to infectious mononucleosis.

Rose virus and virus-like diseases

ike all vegetatively propagated plants, roses are subject to infection by virus and virus-like diseases that spread during propagating operations.

Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus

Veterinary Services Centers for Epidemiology and Animal Health December 2007 _____ Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus Figure 1.


When it recognizes a known virus pattern it alerts the user, generally giving them the opportunity to delete the "infected" file, or to have the antivirus software modify the infected file to.

Equine Herpesvirus

Equine Herpesvirus Definition Equine herpesvirus is a common DNA virus that occurs in horse populations worldwide. The two most common strains are EHV-1, which causes abortion, respiratory disease and neurologic disease; and EHV-4, which usually causes respiratory disease only but can ...

Advisory Group of Independent Experts to review the smallpox ...

Status of WHO collaborating centre repositories of variola virus and nucleic acid Summary This chapter outlines the history to date of self-reported holdings of stocks of variola virus and variola DNA in the post-smallpox eradication era, ...

FAQ093 -- Hepatitis B in Pregnancy

What is hepatitis B virus? Hepatitis B virus is one of a number of hepatitis viruses that attack and damage the liver. Other types include hepatitis A, hepatitis C, and hepatitis D.

Draft Smallpox Decontamination

Guide F. Environmental Control of Smallpox Virus A. Purpose: This document provides general guidance on environmental infection control and decontamination for use in any setting where care is given to smallpox patients.