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Make Your Own

http://noaa.gov Discover Your World With NOAA Make Your Own Volcano! What You Will Need r Cardboard tube from a roll of paper towels r Sheets of newspaper r Clear plastic tape or masking tape r Corrugated cardboard, about 12 inches square r Aluminum foil or homemade modeling dough (see recipe ...

What is a volcano?

1 Lecture 16 - Introduction to Volcanoes VOLCANOES What is a volcano? A place on the earth’s surface (or any other planet) where molten rock and gases

Volcanic Processes

4 Graphic #1 - Overview Common sequences of events at stratovolcanoes: Before an eruption begins, rising magma opens cracks (fractures) in rocks beneath the volcano , commonly causing earthquakes , deformation of the land surface and gas release.


Shield Volcano (a) Shake the can of shaving cream well and place it under and up through the center of the volcano model. While the teacher holds the shaving can in place, have the student, who is demonstrating the shield volcano eruption, press on the shaving can to release the shaving cream.


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Volcano Falls Adventure Park offers a new and exciting way to ...

Volcano Falls Adventure Park offers a new and exciting way to celebrate your birthday parties, group events and more! Volcano Package- $14.50 per person •2-1/2 hour party * One of these Attractions • 18-holes on Volcano Course • 18-holes on Palm Course • 6-minute Bridge Track Go-Cart ...

Volcano: The Storyboard

Overview: Volcano growth and erosion is a continuous process, which scientists often break into stages. In this activity, students create a storyboard of the stages of a volcano's life cycle.

Volcanoes: Fire Under the Surface

The pressure inside the bottle combined with the carbonation of the soda makes it come shooting out of the opening, much like an erupting volcano.

Types of Volcanoes Lesson Plan for Educators

Types of Volcanoes Lesson Plan for Educators Subject: Geology/Science Grade Level: 6-7 In-Class Time: approximately 3 sessions (50 minutes each) Lesson Goals: Teach students about the three volcano types: composite, cinder cone and shield.


Objective: Identify three types of volcano: Cinder Cone, Composite, and Shield. Instructional Delivery Whole Group, Cooperative Group, or Independent Materials Needed Volcano Worksheet <http://eosweb. larc.nasa.gov/EDDOCS/Aerosols/vol_sheet.html> Activity: The students are to categorize the ...