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Wildlife OBJECTIVES: •Introduce and familiarize children about wildlife. •Develop an interest in local wildlife and their habits. •Develop a responsibility and caring attitude toward wildlife.

Crossbow Hunting Qualifications and Certificate

Legal Requirements for Crossbows: • A bow, a string, and either compound or recurve limbs with minimum width of 17 inches (tip of limbs, uncocked).


2 3 Utah Big Game Field Regulations • 2011 wildlife.utah.go v Utah Big Game Field Regulations • 2011 wildlife.utah.go v Remember that the antlerless application period runs from June 1-21, 2011.


Rodger Schlickeisen, President and CEO Jamie Rappaport Clark, President- and CEO-designate RESEARCH TEAM Alexandra Adams Mary Beth Beetham Robert Dewey Ya-Wei Li Hannah Walter EDITORIAL TEAM Writer/Editor: Mark Cheater Project Manager: John Motsinger Publications Director: Kate Davies Photo ...

National Wildlife Refuge

This blue goose, designed by J.N. "Ding" Darling, has become the symbol of the National Wildlife Refuge System. This basin contains over one-half million acres of hardwood swamps, lakes and bayous, and is larger than the vast Okefenokee Swamp of Georgia and Florida.


This will provide wildlife biologists with sufficient information to refine bear management. The premolar tooth will be processed by cutting it in cross section and examining it under a microscope.

WILDLIFE BIOLOGIST - Working for the Great Outdoors - Do you ...

Working for the Great Outdoors WILDLIFE BIOLOGIST The Work Environment Operating on the Job Do you enjoy working outdoors in remote areas? Do you want to be part

Journal of Wildlife Management Guidelines

30 September 2008 Contact author Affiliation Address 806/555-1234; Fax: 806/555-5678 email address RH: Chamberlain et al. • JWM Manuscript Guidelines Journal of Wildlife Management Guidelines MICHAEL J. CHAMBERLAIN 1, Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Wildlife Management , School of Renewable ...

orking Trees for Wildlife

S ustaining quality wildlife habitat is challenging, especially where agricultural fields offer little plant diversity and in suburban areas where human development has fragmented the landscape.

Forestry, Fisheries, and Wildlife

College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences For more information, check these websites: T he School of Environment and Natural Resources offers a variety of interdisciplinary programs focusing on the applied sciences of forestry, fisheries, and wildlife that lead to professional ...